5 Reasons why you should have Sprouts!

Being on the best locally grown food, Sprouts is one of the most nutritious food you can have to serve your body. It is one food that is recommended as the best breakfast. Be it if you have a health problem or you want to reduce on the weight, sprouts are just the answer for you!

5 reasons for you to have sprouts are:sprouts

1. Sprouts have 100 times more enzymes as compared to raw fruits and vegetables. These are the special enzymes of proteins which help your body function in a better manner. It helps the body to respond more for extracting the vitamins, acids and minerals from the food you eat. Thus, building a nutrition block in your body.

2. Your body needs a good amount of fiber in order to function properly. The fiber content is high in the beans, nuts and seeds. Eating fiber helps you have a good digestive system as well as to lose weight. Fibers help you to get rid of the unwanted fats and toxins of your body in-turn making you healthier and light.

3. Sprouts help in increasing the vitamin content in a drastic amount. Especially Vitamin A, B-complex, vitamin E and vitamin C are the ones which you get in abundance from sprouts. The vitamin content of seeds and beans shoot up as more than 20 times when they are sprouted.

4. The energy level of the seeds, nuts, grains and beans is ignited when we soak and sprout them. The sprouts have alkalising action on the body which helps in curing and preventing illness like cancer as well.

5. The essential fatty acids in our body are also fulfilled by eating sprouts. What goes the most lacking in our body is the fats burning essential fats, which can be fulfilled with sprouts and help us have a better metabolism.

So what are you waiting for, soak and get the sprouts at your own place. The procedure of sprouting is very simple.

Soak the sprouts overnight, wash well next morning and out in a sieve covered by a plate for another night. And here you get the best and healthy sprouts for your healthy family!

Happy Cooking!

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Easy Grocery Shopping with Peppertap!

When it comes to groceries for your kitchen, you think about a fixed day in the week when you will go to the grocery store to get whatever you want for the entire week. And what happens when in the middle of the week you need some capsicums or some fruits? You tend to get tensed and are forced to buy from the nearby expensive store. Apart from being expensive at this store, it is also the pain that you have to take to go to the place and pick your needful things. And in case you are amongst one of those working women, we can totally understand and relate to you!

How about checking out this new mobile app that is being launched in this tech-savvy world, especially to get you your groceries delivered at your doorstep without any hassles. And also the part to be happy about is, the prices are cheaper than the local grocery store and the grocery is fresh. Be it your veggies to fruits to pulses to masalas, which all you need to experiment in your cooking area, Peppertap, a Gurgaon based delivery app, offers you a great deal on all the products along with some day to day promotional discounts. What all you need to do is select and place the order from your android or iOS and get these delivered with cash on delivery option.

With the growing market and competition, we now have a number of such online grocery stores and mobile apps which promise you to serve the best. But each of them comes with a hamper of pros and cons. We were happy to be introduced to Peppertap and to the opportunity to try and review the same.


  1. Download the app Peppertap in your mobile phone
  2. You need to have the internet connection to use this app
  3. Select the various products you want to order from their categories like
    1. Popular,
    2. Fruits and Vegetables,
    3. Food & Drink,
    4. Breakfast & Dairy,
    5. Staples & Spices,
    6. Bath & Body,
    7. Home & Hygiene and
    8. Baby Needs
  4. After adding the items to the “basket” you move ahead and provide your shipping address
  5. Select the time bracket as to when you want the delivery
  6. Place the order and relax!IMG_0325

There are lovely benefits one can enjoy this service

  • It procures the groceries from your local grocery store like Garg Dastak which are renowned to have the best grocery in town, so you don’t have to worry of the quality
  • The cash on delivery feature is safe and sound
  • They have all the major grocery brands of all the categories
  • The moment you get the products, you still hold the option to decline to any of them and that gets deducted immediately from your bill amount
  • Anytime in future also you can see your e-bill in the app
  • Easy and user friendly
  • You can store more than 1 address for your convenience


  • You don’t get a printed bill for your orders
  • At times they declare the product shortage of your already ordered product and thus you don’t get that. In such cases, they should actively remove the product from the app saying not available rather than discovering this after the order is received.
  • The delivery often gets delayed from the time you have selected
  • You have to check orders actively when delivered as at times you might find some products missing while you are paying for them

The life becomes really easy and you don’t have to rush to the market every single day to pick something or the other. You can now simply place the order and sit back and relax with the surety of getting the highest quality premium grocery product. They don’t charge any delivery charges for orders above the value of INR 250, while a small amount of INR 50 is charged for orders with a value less than INR 250. So what are you waiting for, download the app today and start shopping your grocery.

Happy Cooking!

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A perfect Mac n Cheese!

Better known in England in the 14th Century as Makerouns, the dish was made with hand-cut pasta, sandwiched between a mixture of butter and cheese. The first recipe recorded ever in a cookbook of “Macaroni and cheese” was in the year 1824 in The Virginia Housewife written by Mary Randolph.IMG_0717 

With the calorie count of 165 per 100 grams, Macaroni and cheese, famously known as ‘Mac and cheese’ in the United States, as ‘macaroni pie’ in Caribbean English and simply ‘macaroni cheese’ in the UK, is a dish relished throughout the world. The dish originated from US where the cheese used in it was cheddar cheese. It always had the flexibility to include other ingredients like bread crumbs, veggies; and meat for the non veg lovers.

Traditionally, this dish was cooked by baking the macaroni along with the cheese in a casserole. But as the time changed, the American comfort eating gave it a chance to be cooked in a sauce-pan.

The flavors of the same American dish, now get’s its shape with your hands in your own kitchen with the help of Cook GourmetThe exotic yummy pasta with your favourite combination of cheese can be cooked in the comfort of your house to treat your family and friends.

Recipe NameThree Cheese Mac’n’Cheese with Chocolate Cake Pops

Portion Size – 2 -3IMG_0716

Preparation Time – 25 minutes

Chef – Tejasvi Arneja

Calories – 550 per serving


When we speak of American cuisine, the first dish that pops into our mind is mac’n’cheese. Considered to be comfort food in the United States, it is usually prepared with cheddar cheese. At cook gourmet, we use masala cheddar, gouda cheese and Parmesan to give it a gourmet spin on the traditional mac’n’cheese. To make your kids love it, we also give out the recipe for these ultra-cool chocolate cake pops.


  • 150g macaroni
  • ¼ cup (60 g) butter
  • 40g all-purpose flour
  • 360ml milk
  • 1 tbsp chives
  • 45g gouda cheeseIMG_0719
  • 45g masala cheddar
  • 45g Parmesan cheese
  • 1 tsp oil for boiling macaroni
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/2 tsp black pepper
  • 4 dinner rolls
  • Salt to taste

For the Dessert

  • 120g mongini’s chocolate cake
  • ¼ cup condensed milk
  • ¼ cup castor sugar
  • A few silver balls for decoration 


  1. Make the chocolate cake pops –  In a bowl, mix the condensed milk with mongini cake (crumble it). Make a square shape and coat with castor sugar and silver balls. Cool in the fridge while you get on with your macaroni.
  2. Boil the macaroni – In a saucepan, bring 1.5 liter water to boil; add the macaroni when the water boils with oil and 1 tsp salt (not provided). Cook on high flame for 5 minutes. Drain and strain under cold water to stop cooking it further.
  3. Heat butter & flour for sauce – In a non-stick pan, melt butter over low heat, stir in the flour and cook for 2 minutes till it gives a biscuit flavor and is golden brown.
  4. Add milk to sauce – Now slowly add 180ml milk, cook for 2 minutes and add the remaining 180ml milk. Add salt and black pepper (provided to you) and cook for 2 more minutes on low heat.
  5. Add the three types of cheese – To the sauce, add gouda, masala & Parmesan cheese into the pan and cook for 1 to 2 minutes, until the cheese has melted. You can add more salt & black pepper, in case you feel it is less. Take off the heat, add in the boiled macaroni and stir to coat.
  6. Plate your dish – Pour the macaroni in a bowl and top with some chives. Serve with dinner rolls and the chocolate cake pops.IMG_0721

The taste of a yummy Italian restaurant, cooked with the hygiene and your own hands, three cheese pasta is something you are going to fall for. Order today and fell in love with flavors of the Lip-smacking dish!

Happy Cooking!

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Go organic with Zaza Box!

The home delivery of food in Gurgaon is the trend since couple of years now. With the working couples and families, people today prefer not to carry the lunch-boxes but to order fresh food at their work places. From the traditional food to the fast foods like burgers and pizzas, today you get everything readily available to be delivered fresh at your place. But the culture and the population of Gurgaon is becoming more and more aware and conscious about their health and thus are preferring to eat healthy and stay fit.IMG_0082

With the highly set principles of serving organic, cholesterol free, low calorie and eco-friendly meals, Zaza Box is one of its own in the market. Innovated by IIT Bombay alumnus Avinav Nigam and his wife Sonal, the concept was born in their minds with the aim to provide healthy and guilt-free meals to people at the comfort of their homes and offices. Entering into the Gurgaon market is not an easy job, but having such an innovative healthy plan, will definitely make a difference for Zaza Box.  

It was inspirational to meet the people behind Zaza Box in one of the Zomato meets. The brave steps taken by them to come up with a concept of healthy food served at your doorstep has been something remarkable. With the promise to use organic ingredients and making sure that the meal leaves you guilt-free, Zaza Box left a mark on us in the tasting session. We found it really impressive that the founders have a lot more knowledge about the basic cooking and were really good in convincing on what they were offering.

Their magically created boxes are divided into 3 categories:

Power Snacks

Power Snacks

  1. Yogi Box i.e. an Indian Flavoured box
  2. Traveller’s Box i.e. something with a global cuisine
  3. Lean Box i.e. an artisan meal with low calories.

Together with these 3 boxes, Zaza Box also offers their special gluten free desserts, snack boxes and wellness drinks to go along the menu.

The healthy dishes we enjoyed trying were:

  1. Power Snacks
    1. Meaty Veggie Sausages were just for the non veg lovers to give them the flavours and feel of meat but ultimately eating something veg and healthy. These were created with transforming soya, but again the chilli as well as extra use of barbecue sauce kills the flavour of the sausages.
    2. Organic Baked Samosas these became our personal favourites as we loved the flavour and aroma of these samosas. These were well stuffed with nuts and healthy ingredients which don’t leave you with a greased tissue and fingers.
    3. Vietnamese Fruity Rice Paper Rolls – again something outstanding as these colourful rice paper rolls were really refreshing and were stuffed with fruits along with a mango salsa sauce to give it a yummy flavour
    4. Tandoori Tofu Skewers – beating the flavours of a normal paneer tikka, these tofu skewers were served on sticks along with coloured bell peppers to enhance the taste n feel.
    5. Glass Noddle Asian Salad – Innovating with the glass noodles to play as a salad on the nicely chosen platters was a cherry on the cake for the power snacks. Although they could have made it a little towards to sweet side but on the contrary, they were hot and quite chilly.

      Yogi Meal

      Yogi Meal

  1. Yogi Meal : Malai Kofta and Dal Makhani with Spinach Roti and Corn Rice – As said, this was a meal that featured the North Indian Preparations. We were served with a platter having the attractive looking malai kofta and dal makhani, served with spinach roti and corn rice. Malai Kofta could have been really appetizing if would have been a little more sweet as the traditional dish it is. The gravy of the dish had a perfect flavour and the koftas again were to the perfect stiffness. The dal makhani was really different and nice. The strong flavour of badi elaichi in the dal was easy to be discovered and was the main element adding to the aroma of the same. To talk about the brown rice, we have had them at a number of places but these ones, became ou personal favourite. The perfect combination of corns in them was adding to the health benefit and to the taste. The spinach roti was a perfect healthy green coloured roti without any oil and can easily be said as a substitute in our daily meals, to enable us to stay healthy! 
  1. Travellers Meal –
    1. Beetroot Sliders – A burger which is turned into a slider for us to taste it, was something we relished. In fact, we tried hands on the same in our kitchen as well. So healthy beetroot, converted to a tikki, been stuffed in a burger was like something healthy yet a fast food.

      Traveller's Meal

      Traveller’s Meal

    2. Mushroom Spinach Pot Pie – A freshly baked spinach pie with the perfect flavour of spinach and a perfect coating was this pot pie. Although the flavour of salt was a little high, but the neutral flavour of the pie and mushrooms took care of the same making it a desirable dish.

We were really impressed with the salad that was served along, consisting of rocket leaves and cherry tomatoes.

  1. Healthy Desserts –
    1. Guilt-free Mango Cheesecake – With a crunchy biscuit base which was actually made using oats and buckwheat to go with the smoothness and yummy flavour of the cheesecake which was actually prepared without the cheese was just so guilt-free! It was actually made with the help of coconut milk, cashew-nut and their secret ingredients.

      Mango Cheesecake

      Mango Cheesecake

    2. Fruit and Nuts parfait – Sadly, we really didn’t fall for this Fruit and Nut Parfait. This had a very attractive look as was served in a special glass jar, but unfortunately the taste was not matching the same attraction. The yoghurt used in the parfait was actually lacking the sweetness. Probably, a little more jiggery was required in this dish to match the Indian dessert definition.
    3. Brownie – The brownie was something we loved a lot. Cholesterol free, gluten free and dairy free brownie was something amazing for the chocolate lovers like us.IMG_0083
  1. Wellness Drinks
    1. Cold pressed Beetroot and Pomegranate Juice – The flavour of this natural cold pressed juice was to make you realise the healthy part and being no additional sugar added to the same.
    2. Shikanji Lemon Cooler – The sweetness of the traditional Indian drink was attained with the help of jaggery and brown sugar, rather than using the sugar.

Try out their everyday changing menu and you will be left with your tummy and cravings served with a gluten-free, organic, healthy meal!

Happy Cooking!

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Costa Coffee Independence Day Contest


CONTEST ALERT: “Do you celebrate your independence with coffee or your Coffee with independence!
Lovely weather, Yummy food…
Why not have a coffee to make your mood,
Celebrate the Independence Day with your favourite coffee
And guess what, win another treat from Costa coffee!”

“Share your picture of a build up (Scene) to the Independence Day with a cup of coffee. Get it appreciated / liked by your friends n relatives. The ones with the best picture concept and max likes will win gift vouchers worth INR 500 each from Costa Coffee.”


“How do you take your coffee” Contest
Contest rules
1. This contest is conducted by Kitchen Pops and Costa Coffee.
2. Contest Duration: 13th Aug – 16th Aug 2015
3. The contest is open to India, except for employees, agents and representatives of the Costa Coffee and Kitchen Pops.
4. Entries will be considered valid when:
a. Contestant likes the Facebook page of Kitchen Pops (https://www.facebook.com/kitchenpops) & Costa Coffee (https://www.facebook.com/CostaCoffeeIndia)
b. Share the entry on Facebook profile
c. Get the maximum likes on the contest entry

5. In order to participate in the contest:
5.1 Entrants must complete the online entry form (hereinafter “Entry Form”) by filling in all required fields at https://www.facebook.com/kitchenpops, as a comment or a post on the page.

5.2 Throughout the contest period, contest entrants can make one entry.

5.3 No purchase required.

6. 10 Vouchers worth INR 500 each will be awarded to the winners with best entry and maximum likes. Winners will be disclosed on 17th August 2015.
7. Prizes must be accepted as described herein and shall be neither replaced nor exchanged for any other prize. Prizes may be transferred to another person subject to written authorization from the Contest Organizers.
8. By participating in the contest, Winners duly authorize the Contest Organizers and their representatives, at their discretion, to make use of, for marketing purposes and without remuneration, the entrant’s name, photograph, likeness, domicile, voice or statements made in relation to the prize.
9. No person for whom this contest is intended shall in any way hold the Contest Organizers liable should their inability to act result from any fact or circumstance beyond their control, from the faulty operation of any communication link, or from a strike, lockout or any other labour dispute in their places of business or the places of business of any organization or business whose services are used in connection with the conduct of this contest.
10. All persons entering this contest agree to comply with its official rules and with the decisions of its authorized representatives, both of which shall be considered final and legally binding.
11. Contest Organizers reserve the right to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend this contest in whole or in part at their sole discretion in the event of a computer virus or bug, unauthorized manual intervention, or any other circumstance beyond their control that may corrupt or adversely affect the administration, security, impartiality or normal operation of the contest, subject to the approval of organizers, if applicable.
12. The prize is not convertible to cash and cannot be extended.
13. IN CASE OF CANCELLATION, for any reason whatsoever, the awarding of the prize shall not be postponed and no compensation shall be offered.
14. This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with Facebook. Any questions, comments or complaints regarding this contest will be directed to The Organizer. All information is submitted to The Organizer, not Facebook

Happy Cooking!

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The Beetroot way with Cook Gourmet

When one of the healthiest vegetable gets a shape of a yummy cutlet, it just gets yummy for everyone. The red color with the crunchiness inside is what these beet-root Bengali veg chops are. To go along with them is an eggplant Raita, which is again something different and innovative.IMG_0739

Created by Chef Tejasvi Arneja, served by Cook Gourmet, prepare by you, yourself, this is a dish that you are going to fall in love with.
And guess what, this is what happened to us as well. We revolutionized a new burger with a Beetroot Bengali chop converted into a tikki for the same.

Easy to be prepared with the readily provided recipe and ingredients, Bengali Veg Chops are a perfect meal for an evening snack or for a morning breakfast. The crunchiness added to the chops with the help of peanuts is a cherry on the cake.

If we talk about the eggplant Raita, we generally don’t imagine such a combination of eggplant with curd but you know what, we just loved the innovation! Something really different and yummy. A must try for those who don’t like eggplants as this will change your perspective towards this veggie. We also have a mustard dip, that accompanies the chops and the eggplant Raita.IMG_0094

When we dig into the dish, we took a bite of the Bengali chop dipped into the mustard dip and then had a spoon of eggplant Raita. It felt like it’s coming from a great chef. A pat on the back and a special thanks to Cook Gourmet for helping us feel like a chef and enabling us to cook such a yummilicious dish.

Our innovation was to mix a little green peas in the mixture and then form the Tikki’s which were served in the cooked burger buns along with salad leaf, onion and cottage cheese slices. What we now have with us is a healthy burger 

Recipe Name– Bengali Veg Chops with Eggplant Raita and Mustard DipIMG_0802

Portion Size – 2

Preparation Time – 45 minutes

Chef – Tejasvi Arneja

Calories – 575 per serving


Bengali cuisine is known for its subtle yet sometimes fiery flavors and for its plethora of desserts and sweet dishes. Fish, vegetables and lentils served with rice are a staple in this cuisine. One of the famous anytime snacks in the state of Bengal is the Veg-Chop! Made with beet-root, potato and carrot, this sweet deep fried patty just disappears in the mouth as soon as you bite into it. Here at cook gourmet, we serve it with an eggplant Raita and kasundi creamy dip to give it a place in our fusion food week.


• Roast spice mix (½ tsp cumin seeds, ½ tsp fennel seeds, 2 cloves, 1 green cardamom, 1 tsp cinnamon powder, 5 peppercorns, 1 dry red chili, ½ dry bay leaf, 1 green chili, 1 tbsp roasted peanuts)
• 160g beet-root, finely grated
• 120g carrots, finely grated
• 400g potatoes, boiled and mashedIMG_0735
• 1 tsp grated ginger
• 1 tsp salt
• 1 tsp sugar
• ½ bunch green coriander, finely chopped
• ½ cup curd
• 100g eggplants, sliced lengthwise
• 1 tsp Chaat masala
• ¼ cup cream
• 1 tbsp kasundi mustard
• 5 slices of crispy garlic bread
• 2 tbsp vegetable oil (step 1)
• 1 tbsp vegetable oil (step 4)

For the coating
• 3 tbsp flour
• 1 cup bread crumbs
• 2 tbsp cornflour

You will need

• Non-stick pan
• Salt
• Black Pepper
• Oil for frying cutlets


1. Cook the grated vegetables with the roast spice mix – In a non-stick pan, add 2 tbsp (30 ml) oil and heat for 1 minute, add ginger and cook for 1 minute. Now add grated beet-root and carrot, sauté well for 1 minute and mix in mashed potatoes, salt, sugar, roast spice mix and chopped coriander leaves. Mix well and cook for 5 minutes, on medium heat.

2. Cool the mixture and form cutlets – Cool the mixture for 10 minutes, then add cornflour and mix well, make 4 to 5 cutlets. Place them in the freezer for 5 minutes so that they set for deep frying.
While cutlets are in the freezer, in a bowl, add the flour with 1/2 cup (120 ml) water, the batter should have a thin consistency. In a separate bowl keep the bread crumbs.
Take the cutlets out of the freezer and dip them first in the flour batter and then in the bread crumbs.IMG_0734

3. Deep fry the cutlets – In a kadhai, add 1/2 cup (120 ml) vegetable oil (not provided, use any brand), heat the oil on high flame. Make sure that the oil is piping hot before putting cutlets inside.
Now deep fry cutlets for 10 minutes / or until they are crisp on high heat and drain the excess oil on the tissue paper.

4. Prepare the eggplant Raita and kasundi dip – While cutlets are frying, in a non-stick pan, heat 1 tbsp oil and fry the sliced eggplants with Chaat masala for 8 minutes on medium-high heat.
Whisk the curd to a smooth consistency with ¼ tsp salt and ¼ tsp pepper. (Salt, pepper not provided). Now mix the cooked eggplants with curd.
In a different bowl, mix the cream with kasundi and keep aside.

5. Final plating – Serve the veg chops with eggplant Raita, kasundi dip and garlic bread.

Happy Cooking!

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Thai Festival at Sheraton Brigade Gateway, Bangalore

The Sheraton Brigade Gateway needs no introduction. It is one of the luxurious hotels that has set a benchmark in the hotel industry. Talk about the food festivals and it stands at par. The Thai Food Festival organized by Sheraton Brigade Gateway has grabbed all the eyeballs in the city.DSC_0033

Kitchen pops was invited at the Thai Food Festival. We were welcomed by the event organizers and the Fruit Symphony drink was perfect for the evening. The ambiance was well set and gave a complete feel of being in Thailand. The Thai ingredients were put on display along with various fruits and vegetables. And guess what? We were also given an opportunity to learn a recipe from the Thai cook. We opted for Som Tum salad and the feel was just awesome.

There were various cuisines ranging from salads, noodles, soups, breads, desserts, pastas, green curries and the delicious chocolates. The Kreen Krewan Nu (Thai Green Curry Tofu) was their signature dish among the veg cuisines. It was a blend of sweet and spicy taste that slightly reminded me of Gujarati food. The Tom Yun Tn – Lay (seafood soup) was rich of spices that spoke volumes about nutrients and the Thai culture. The aroma of lemon-grass just filled our nostrils and it did have an impact on the taste. We were also served the yummy margarita pizza that did fill our appetite.DSC_0032

The conversation with the Head Thai Chef was a great learning experience. He spoke about the spices they use, their staple food, the Jay festival in Thailand and their staple drinks. The Thai ingredients includes soy bean paste, Soy sauce, chilli & chilli powder, coconut milk, lemon grass, galangal root, coriander, ginger, kaffir lime leaves, and sweet Thai basil. During the Jay festival, people turn vegetarian and refrain from consuming any spices and food that possess a strong aroma and pungent odour.

The Thai Food festival had huge variants of desserts. We started with the authentic Kheer and Gulab jamuns, moved on to fruit pastries and then to flavoured ice-creams. Yes, we all had a sweet tooth and couldn’t control our cravings. The hospitality and the attention that we received from the staff members of Sheraton is worth a praise.

Kudos to the entire team and the event organizers!

Happy Cooking!

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