Daal Sahara with Pluto’s Platinum Lounge & Bar

IMG-20150214-WA0024Pluto’s is a perfect place to sit back and relax with your family and enjoy the music along with their mouth watering north Indian and Mughlai Cuisine. Located in the heart of Vasant Kunj near Fortis Hospital, Pluto’s platinum bar and lounge are one of the best places for youth to have their evening meals and fun. As the lounge is on the main road, it entitles us to have an easy reach and good parking space. Dim lighting along with the music gives you the perfect ambiance to celebrate with a gang of friends to party or a family to enjoy a perfect dinner date. The neatly laid out tables and a perfect Manager Mr. Madan, who looks after every minute detail from order to service, table setup to escorting the guests with a warm and personal touch, is something which is rare. It is a very big and spacious place with 2 levels of seating. While the ground floor has formal dining setup with six seater table each, the upper level had cozy recliners with seat for 2 to 4 people to enjoy the food and the company. Daal Sahara (Copy)Overall, it was a clean place. However, when we saw the address, the impression that we personally had about the place was a small locality, but was amazed by the grand setup of the restaurant and the big 35 room hotel along with it which has mainly international visitors.

Daal Sahara and Butter Chicken are the best moving dishes which make their guests fall in love with them. The variety of continental and Chinese dishes that it offers on its menu with secretly preserved flavor of its own makes it one of the most special places. They also serve a special variety of wine which is a treat for wine lovers across NCR and a specialty in its own. IMG-20150214-WA0019The head Chef Manoj Kumar have been working since July 2014 and claims to serve the best dishes in town.

The staff at Pluto’s is very courteous, polite and prompt with smiling faces. The service deserves a special thumbs-up as it was extremely prompt though they had a full house when we went and also a running birthday party which made it a packed house. With the special arrangement of having separate sections and chefs for Indian, Chinese and Continental cuisine, Pluto’s ensure to make it quick and perfect.

Pluto’s Platinum Lounge may sound new to the market, (just a year old), the parent company, Sara hotels has been in the business since 1994. In fact, some of the signature dishes dates back to the 90’s when the restaurant was a quick pick up point for the Vasant Kunj residents for its delicious Daal and Butter Chicken preparations.

With an aim to try everything we can, we went to start our meal with Mix Veg Momos, Paneer Tikkas and Dahi ke Sholey in Vegetarians and the crispy Fish fingers and Chicken Malai Tikkas in non-veg. IMG-20150214-WA0021Every dish has a special distinguishing flavor with the aim to make them special. The main course was Daal Sahara as one of their signature dishes along with paneer adraki, Methi Malai mutter and chicken lababdar served with their special lachha paranthas. To satisfy our sweet tooth, we were served Gulab Jamun which we personally see that they should work on to improve.IMG-20150214-WA0022

To give a hint about the pricing, they are reasonably priced at around INR 395 per dish for vegetarian mains and INR 495 for non-veg main dishes. The breads are priced at around INR 65.

They plan to host a special menu for the world cup matches and a live screening of the Indo-Pak match with a package deal including unlimited beer and wine with food for INR 1000 plus taxes. A special seating arrangement for a perfect day picnic is up on the cards for you.

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The days can never be good without a cup of hot coffee – with Costa Coffee

“A cup of coffee can help you to think,

A cup of coffee can help not to blink…

It refreshes you when you are exhausted,

A cup of coffee is a must when a party is hosted!”

FullSizeRender_3I am sure all the coffee lovers will agree with us on this. A brewed drink made of coffee beans and milk to give you a distinct aroma and flavor is what a coffee is. Discovered in Southern Arabia, where initially the coffee beans were eaten, slowly, coffee became a favorite worldwide.

Costa Coffee, a multinational coffee house company, with its headquarters in Dunstable, UK, is one of the best serving coffee brands in the country. Founded in 1971 in London by 2 brothers and later taken care by white-bread, Costa Coffee is a well spread chain with the targets of opening a huge number of new outlets in India in the year 2015.

We happen to visit one of the Costa Coffee outlets located at the Ambience Mall, Gurgaon. The outlet is located on the food court floor nearby to the elevator. It is an easy to reach for a coffee along with some bites to relax your senses when you get tired of shopping in the mall. The outlet is well-lit and the tables are well set in the area to do the walking as well as sitting very comfortable.


Sticky Toffee Latte

Serving the world’s finest coffee along with some quick bites like the sandwiches, wraps and muffins, Costa Coffee make you feel at the most appropriate place, be it you are with your client, your friends or your loved ones. The moment you walk-in the Costa outlet, you are welcomed by a warm, but yet loud greeting by the staff of the cafe. It has a lot of variety for both vegetarians as well as non vegetarians in the form of sandwiches and rolls. The variety of their coffee is just out of the box. Combining the unique coffee flavours along with the different food much-ons and that too served with loved and smiling faces of the professionally trained staff, is what Costa Coffee is.


Strawberry White chocolate temptation cake

We were welcomed with the polite smile and a table to have a seat by the Area Manager Mr. Shashikant Joshi. Costa has recently added 3 beverages, i.e. the Sticky Toffee Latte, Salted Caramel Latte and the Hot Spiced Apple in their menu especially for the winter season. All the 3 looked so attractive that we landed in ordering the Sticky Toffee Latte and Hot Spiced Apple. The sticky Toffee Latte was much different than a cappuccino and having it in the winters was just a blessing. A hint of toffee making it a little sweet with the froth and the aroma of a coffee is a perfect combination for the coffee lovers.  While the Hot Spiced Apple was a cinnamon flavored Apple drink, which was again just perfect for the weather as well as for refreshing the tired shoppers. Moving ahead to have their snack food with our coffees, we opted for the Paneer Wrap, Texan Potato Corn Sandwich along with the Cinnamon Date Muffin. Served hot with love was what Costa keeps in mind. The Paneer wrap was as per the suit of the Indian flavors as it was chatpata as well as authentic to make a perfect mix of the flavors to be served in a multinational chain.  To talk about the Texan Potato Corn Sandwich, it was freshly stuffed multigrain bread with the filling and was warmed to the appropriate level to make us just dig into it till the last piece. The Cinnamon Date muffin was again something tempting was the moment we used a knife to break it into pieces, the softness and the fluffiness made it cut into pieces keeping the texture and the aroma of cinnamon alive.

Cinnamon Date Muffin

Cinnamon Date Muffin

The flavors of these muffins were just a heaven on earth.

We ended our food tasting with the new launch Strawberry White Chocolate Temptation Cake which was done on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. A perfect combination to give a soothing baby pink color was the flavors of white chocolate and strawberry with an appropriate quantity of sweetness and a fluffy cake inside. Served with 2 chocolate hearts on the top to depict the celebration of the day of love was what Costa Coffee had in store for all the lovers.

If we talk about the pricing:

  1. Classic Cooler (Small) – An ice blended cold coffee priced at INR 180
  2. Hot Spiced Apple(Regular) – A hot spicy cinnamon flavoured apple drink which tasted similar to kashmiri kawah was priced as INR 220
  3. Sticky Toffee Latte (Regular) – A perfect blend of toffee flavors with the rich coffee was priced at INR 200
  4. Salted Caramel Latte (Regular) – Another new addition to the menu which was a latte with an addition of Caramel into it was priced at INR 200
  5. Cinnamon date muffin – A hot unique cinnamon aroma mixed with dates in a chocolate muffin. Priced at INR 125


    Texan Potato corn Sandwich

  6. Paneer wrap – A filling dish with the Indianized flavours of paneer. Priced at INR 152
  7. Texan Potato corn Sandwich – A perfect combination to go along your coffee. Priced at INR 165
  8. Salted caramel chocolate Log – A chocolate log shaped cake priced at INR 176
  9. Strawberry White chocolate temptation cake – A perfect for a sponge cake with chocolate and strawberry lover. Priced at INR 195


Costa Coffee is a perfect place for all the coffee lovers and for the people who really want to spend time sitting and sipping their favourite beverages and having the bites of the different unique tastes. So next time you want to go out  and relax or don’t want to keep doing window shopping the entire day, just walk-in in any of the Costa Coffee outlets and they will make you feel special!


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Women’s Day Brunch at Seasonal Tastes, Westin

Celebrate Womanhood with a delicious and fun filled brunch that includes a unique cooking class and complimentary quick 5 minute shoulder massages for all women guests.

Enjoy this special day with your friends and family as we continue to surprise you with irresistible cocktails, delicacies, gifts and flowers exclusively at The Westin Mumbai Garden City.

Where: Seasonal Tastes

When: Sunday 8th March 2015

Pricing: INR 2,500 ++ taxes per person for alcoholic and non alcoholic brunch.

Timings: 12:30 pm to 04:00 pm

For Reservations: 022 – 6736 1801, +91 90046 61031 ortaste.mumbaigardencity@westin.com

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The Goodness of Leafy Greens at Eau De Monsoon, Le Meridien, Delhi

e4-1368207784A stimulating experience with a dash of greens was what Eau De Monsoon had in store for us. As the name suggests about the freshness and health added to your favorite meals, Eau De Monsoon runs a special Green Healthy food menu designed for you. With the aim of giving you the nutritious and heart friendly lunch/dinner, Eau De Monsoon offers, with a pinch of green in their delicious recipes to make them healthy with the taste.

A mix of the modern and traditional tastes, Eau de Monsoon is a contemporary fine dining restaurant located in Le Meridien, Delhi, which serves the authentic Indian flavors in an International style. The use of elegant brown and rust colors has been lauded by every international traveler. Though it misses out on the splendid view as compared to the higher floors, it still gives a formal and elegant ambiance to its guests.


Brocolli Cappuccino

Located in the heart of the busy capital of India, Le Meridien is one of the oldest and the best hotels to offer unique food and sophisticated accommodation for the tourists. Being present at the center entitles the guests to have easy access to all the tourist spots in a reasonable time from the hotel. The hotel offers a number of dining options like Nero, Le Belvedere, Caffe Longitude and Eau de Monsoon.

Established in the year 2011, Eau de Monsoon has been developed with the theme of monsoon season with the depiction of warm and cozy environment. Famous for its Oven Guard cuisine designed by celebrity chef Opel Khan, Eau de Monsoon offers the best possible innovative recipes to its guests by different garnishing.

The Dash of green festival has been an initiative by the Eau De Monsoon to help their guests eat and be healthy with the help of a special “green and nutrition” added to their recipes. Our journey with the “goodness of leafy greens” started, the moment we entered the place with wonderful fountains outside and the superb ambience. Well greeted by the staff, we landed on a special window side table which was reserved for us to have the wonderful experience. The view from these large glass panels on to the road was just so relaxing.

Blueberry Sorbet

Blueberry Sorbet

We were offered to start with the broccoli cappuccino as an amuse bouche. The cappuccino was the flavor of warm broccoli, served like a shot to be taken at one go. The taste was so lip-catching that we didn’t realize that our shot got over in a fraction of seconds, leaving us fresh and a feeling of healthy already!

The heart friendly lunch had a lot more such tastes in store for us starting from the starters like corn & spinach kebab, served with orange and fennel marmalade. These were again an innovatively decorated corn and spinach Seekh kebabs served with a marmalade that went well with it. Differing from the general dips and sauces, the marmalade added a colorful tangy twist to the dish making it healthier and tastier.

The second starter we were offered a sampler for was crispy spinach ‘Chaat’. The aim of having this simple Palak-Patta chaat in a fine dining restaurant and that too in totally different flavors was aimed to stimulate our appetite and make us feel healthy again.

Honeydew consomme with kiwi

Honeydew consomme with kiwi

Who could have been a better person than Ms. Anasuya Basu, to join us for the meal and to help us know more about the place. Before we could have jumped to taste the mains, we were offered with Blueberry sorbet as a palate cleanser. The main course had the very special dishes with the dash of greens. Red Chard (Saag) with coriander and peanuts from the east was one of the most relished dishes as it was made with chopped red saag leaves mixed with coriander and peanuts. The dish was dark red in color and was yummy. The next dish that followed was green peas and fresh fenugreek in royal gravy. This was yet again a green dish to make your meal nutritious and healthy. The pea with green fenugreek in off-white gravy was prepared in a different style to let the fresh fenugreek be visible and have its flavor. The breads to go with these main dishes, we were served with garlic naan, multigrain roti, methi parantha and bathua parantha. The flavors of these breads were the specialty as again, these were meant to give the message of having healthy and nutritious food.


Gulab jamun malai cheese cake, chandan ice cream, red fruit compote

We were now offered with honeydew consommé with kiwi as a pre dessert palate teaser. The wonderful flavor of honey served with a piece of kiwi into it to make us feel fresh before we have the much appreciated dessert for the day. In the desserts we were served with chocolate pave, Kulfi, pistachio snow, along with berry compote along with Gulab jamun Malai cheese cake, Chandan ice cream, and red fruit compote. Both the desserts were like heaven on earth. The Chandan ice cream was so refreshing to make you feel delighted. The innovative cheese cake, which had Gulab jamun pieces inside it, was just yummy.


Chocolate pave, kulfi, pistachio snow, berry compote

The experience was completed with a cup of good cappuccino along with Ms. Anasuya Basu and the well known Mr. Shahid Siddiqui and talking about his latest book “The Golden Pegion”, which made me go online and order the book after meeting an intellect human like him. Eau de Monsoon, is a place which gifted us small money plants to take home as a memory. Eau De Monsoon is a perfect place for a meal when you want to opt for fine dining and when you love to enjoy the weather and watch through their windows and delectable canapés.


Happy Cooking!

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Kitchen Pops lip locks with Cafe Coffee Day!

“It’s true, A lot has happened over a coffee” 

???????????????????????????????The love season with hearts meeting each other inspired Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) to come up with the innovative concept of special Lip Lock Menu this Valentine’s Day. Attractive decorations, yummy menu options and music to touch your meeting hearts is what Cafe Coffee Day kept for their coffee lovers this season.

Cafe Coffee Day, the oldest and the favorite coffee chain, we all must have visited at least once in our lives and must have fallen in love with their coffee, their ambience and their color schemes. With more than 1600 outlets in India, CCD came with their first outlet on July 11, 1996 and today they have around 1 outlet in every locality of cities like Delhi and Mumbai.

IMG_20150206_153133315 (FILEminimizer)

The Ambience was made special with their Lip Lock Menu  with heart shaped cut-out hangings and romantic music to go best with their theme of red and purple colour. The tables had the special Lip lock Menu in place to make them aware of the special occasion and to offer them with special dishes by CCD. Famous for being one of the best coffee shops, and being the best place for meetings is also the place for couples to spend time together. Hygiene is taken good care by maintaining the quality and cleanliness of the cutlery as well as the food.

Dark Passion

Dark Passion

Going by the famous saying that the way to one’s heart is through their stomach, Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) brings their special Lip Lock Menu for the Valentine’s week. The menu consisted of their popular and special offerings like:

  • Sizzle Dizzle Brownie – savour the passionate affair between fire and ice as hot chocolate brownie meets vanilla ice cream on a bed of chocolate sauce.
  • Dark Passion – indulge in the tantalizing romance between chocolate ice cream and brownie, dripping in chocolate sauce.
  • Choc Hola –Show her she’s royalty with a dessert meant for queens – rich chocolate cake served with frosty vanilla ice-cream, pampered with chocolate sauce and sprinkled with almond flakes.
  • Choco Frappe – Stir up the romance of rich cold coffee and ice-cream with a chocolate touch.
  • Devil’s Own – Experience the dark fantasy of cafe Frappe loaded with chocolate and whipped cream. The devil of all temptation.
  • Crunchy Frappe – Bite your way through oreos before you are swept off your feet by this creamy chocolate extravagance.


    Crunchy Frappe

The coffee chain also came up with a special contest where the 50 customers were given a chance to win CCD’s coffee for an entire year, which can be availed at all the CCD cafes across the city. The contest lasted for the whole Valentine’s week, i.e. from 6th Feb – 15th Feb 2015. The contest was where the consumers were required to complete “I love to lip lock with CCD because….” and submit them with their unique codes of bills from Cafe Coffee Day (CCD).

The coffee and the brownies of the special Valentine menu were with a pinch of extra passion to them and were served to make you fall in love with it along with your loved ones. And the best part is, these products are still in their menu and can be enjoyed even after then Valentine’s week got over. So what are you waiting for… remember, “a lot can happen over a GOOD coffee!”

Happy Cooking!

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‘American’s Favourite Mexican Fast Food Restaurant “TACO BELL” Expands In Mumbai’

“Experienced a gastronomous journey from light tortilla shells filled with creamy sauces to crunchy Chalupa with mouth-watering filling and mountains of cheese with Taco Bell”

~ Kitchen Pops


Part of an already established brand, Yum! Restaurants India, which is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands; Taco Bell has 6000 outlets across 16 countries. Kitchen Pops was invited to Taco Bell, R City Mall in Mumbai to attend their special event. We met the manager—food innovation of Taco Bell, Ankit Sharma. He was delighted to share with us his journey of avant-garde Taco Bell recipes that was fostered in Taco Bell Kitchen.

In India, Taco Bell already has 4 outlets in Bangaluru

4 Dip Nachos

4 Dip Nachos

  • Mantri Square Mall
  • Gopalan Innovation Mall
  • Whitefield (Cosmos) Mall
  • SJR Koramangla

And 3 in Mumbai:

  • Oberoi Mall, Goregaon East
  • R City Mall, Ghatkopar
  • Viviana Mall, Thane

They have taken the entire concept from US, but tweaked it according to Indian tastes. As Ankit says, ‘It’s bolder in India.’ What really got us more excited was the packaging! It looked like Christmas presents laid in the tray; with every layer put aside our heartbeats got faster. Kitchen Pops personal hot favourite is Chalupa—Chipotle bean, it’s crunchy, soft, hot and cold. Wow! We had multiple feelings with the flavours.

photo 4And if you’re a big fan of pizzas, then you mustn’t miss Quesadillas—a popular dish. The mouth watering filling is sandwiched between crispy corn tortillas freshly baked in their open kitchen. They make everything fresh once the order is received. There were few of us who were lucky to be in Taco Bell’s kitchen. We were asked to wear a hair net and wash our hands for 20 seconds. The hygiene decree was mandatory for those in the kitchen. We were amazed that how organized they were with shelf life protocols for ingredients. Food that has been unused within its shelf life is immediately discarded. Kitchen Pops was impressed with Taco Bell’s attempt to customize the recipes if demanded. They take vegetarian customers seriously. Taco Bell has divided their kitchen into two halves with vegetarian and non-vegetarian unit. They also offer free-fills in Bangaluru outlets, a concept widely appreciated abroad. In Mumbai, they have allowed 2 free-fills as it is located in malls.

Ankit, the outlet Manager, explained that it was a challenge for him to influence CFPlocal flavours in an already established menu of Taco Bell, US. It was like a marriage of two different  cuisines. Taco Bell is planning to introduce spicy signature drinks, which are influenced with Mexican flavour, now that is something, we Indians won’t miss. They launch at least 2-3 offerings every year on an average. We were also made to try a new dish, Chicken Tikka burrito, which was not in the menu. Believe us, it was heaven! What we really recommend is that if you like to experiment with new tastes, then Taco Bell is the one.

Some of the exciting food formats offered by Taco Bell are: 

  1. TACO (TAA-KO)

A Taco is a light snack with layers of flavourful hot & cold fillings with a creamy sauce in a soft tortilla shell.


A Chalupa is a signature Taco Bell snack. A crunchy indulgent shell with flavourful fillings and cheese make it a very crave-able snack.


    Topped nachos

    Topped nachos

A great shareable snack that has Taco Bell’s signature crunchy corn chips loaded with delightfully cheesy, tangy, spicy toppings


A Burrito is a roll with many fillings and Taco Bell’s signature sauce packed in a soft tortilla.


The king of Burrito with 7 different types of fillings rolled in a soft tortilla and grilled to perfection. Each bite will give you a burst of flavour.

  1. Mexican Pizza 

A crunchy double layered Pizza with fillings between 2 crisp corn shells topped with tangy pizza sauce and lots of melted cheese




Kathitto is Taco Bell’s twist on your favourite Kathi Roll. An Indian layered parantha with Taco Bell’s signature Mexican fillings, a crunchy surprise all rolled inside.


A perfect match for cheese lovers! Lots of two blend cheese and Taco Bell’s signature sauce folded in a soft, warm tortilla and grilled to perfection. You can also add fajitas veggies or grilled chicken to it.

 The two dishes that will definitely blow your mind are

  • Kathitto, a divine flavoured Indian parantha with Mexican fillings inside and7 layered burrito
  • 7 Layer Burrito, which is also a highly recommended dish by Taco Bell is an amalgamation of 7 different flavours in one burrito.

We also noticed that most of the dishes that we tried were light and healthy. Taco Bell believes in balanced food with healthy ingredients like cereals, vegetables, fats, dairy and meats. To make things more clear they have additional information about the calories each dish consumes. Taco Bell has initiated a dictionary for Indian audience called Tacology. It explains about Mexican delicacies in the simplest way.


Kitchen Pops has been certainly swayed by Taco Bell’s personal touch in everything they offer to their audience. From sauces that say ‘Will you marry me?’ to rice boxes offered in Taco Bell Bangaluru. Another exciting fact, we got to know was that Taco Bells have recently launched their first Braille and audio enabled menu cards. Good going Taco Bell!

 Happy Cooking!

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Celebrate Chinese New year with Yauatcha – Delhi

YauatchaExperience a journey through China and celebrate Chinese New Year with an authentic, oriental menu offering best of Yauatcha.
What: Special four course meal at ₹1, 888 Al per person, from 10th – 26th February.
A la carte food and drink menu also available 
When: 10th to 26th February, available all day
For reservations, call 91 922 22 22 800
Address Level 2, Ambience Mall, Nelson Mandela Marg, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, 110 070


Happy Cooking!

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