Cafe Frappe

cfeeChill with our cafe frappe cold coffee this summers. A quick recipe with just 5 ingredients to give you a mouth watering chilled drink this summers. In case you children are not so happy drinking milk, this is one of the best options to give them milk in the chocolaty way!

Here i tried my hands on making & presenting cafe frappe, one of the famous cold coffees from the big coffee chains in India like Barista and Cafe Coffee Day (CCD). It’s good as an evening drink even for your dad and your husband who come from their work by 6-6:30 in the evening. Try it out!

Serves: 2


2 glass Chilled Milk

4-5 Tbsp Sugar

3 tsp coffee powder

Chocolate Sauce 

Chocolate strands


  1. Add milk, sugar and coffee powder in a mixer and mix it to get the sugar dissolved.
  2. Take a high glass and throw some chocolate sauce on the sides 
  3. Put the coffee inside this glass and decorate the top with chocolate strands
  4. You can add ice cubes if required. Serve Chilled!

Happy Cooking!

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  1. Good information to know and right to the point. Thanks for this well written post, i’ll follow up for more updates if you keep posting them

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