Pinacolada Mocktail

Pinacolada has been one of my favorite mock-tails since my childhood. A fruit of my choice, pineapple, topped with coconut has been my love whenever a choice was given. Therefore, I tried my hands on this to make it easy for my taste buds to have them anytime I want. A yellow colored drink with a tinch of soda and garnished with pineapple is best for these summers to make you cool.

Pinacolada Mocktail Recipephoto

1 Tin Pineapple slices with syrup
2 tsp Sugar
1 Pack (200ml) coconut milk
Vanilla Ice Cream
500ml Drinking Soda Water

1. Grind the pineapple slices and syrup with sugar.
2. Add coconut water and mix well in the grinder.
3. Take long glasses to serve, put this mixture, a scoop of vanilla ice cream and soda on the top.
4. Garnish with pineapple slices and serve chilled.

Happy Cooking

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  1. myninjanaan says:

    This sounds so delicious by the list of ingredients! I love that you’ve used ice cream in here, I bet it adds so much creaminess 🙂


    1. kitchenpops1 says:

      Thanks dear.. I am glad you liked it 🙂


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