Celebrity Chef Vikas Khanna calls on mothers to join Tetra Pak’s Right to Keep Food Safe initiative

It was a wonderful experience to become a part of a special event for educating mothers and mothers to be about the Tetra Packaging and the benefits. 

  • Shared expert tips on food safety and nutrition in an interactive food safety seminar
  • Mothers also invited to join Nutrition Quotient, online programme on food safety, nutrition and packaging

 Vikas Khanna at Tetra Pak RTKF 2

Delhi (19 January 2015) – After receiving enthusiastic response from mothers at a recent event held under the Right to Keep Food Safe public awareness initiative, Tetra Pak® organised food safety seminars in the city to equip mothers with information related to food safety, health and wellness. Close to 500 mothers who attended the seminars were also given the tools to spread their knowledge and become spokeswomen in their own communities.

Present on the occasion was celebrity chef Vikas Khanna who prepared easy-to-make and nutritious recipes using Ultra High Temperature (UHT) milk. He also shared his expert tips on safe food handling and cooking in an interactive session with the mothers. Mothers were also given a tour of the unique Nutrition Quotient (NQ) website, a first-of-its-kind online programme specifically on food safety, nutrition and packaging. All mothers are invited to log on to the website [www.nutrition-quotient.com] and test their own nutrition quotient.

Vikas Khanna said, “As a chef, I am responsible for the safe preparation and handling of food and hence, it is important for me to be aware and updated about safe food and good nutrition habits. In the same context, every mother feels equally responsible for her family and child’s food safety. I strongly recommend they become a part of the Right to Keep Food Safe initiative as this is an important step in the right direction. I am proud to be part of this initiative and am glad that Tetra Pak is providing such platforms to mothers so that they can make safe and healthy choices for their families and children,” he said.

Diet consultant and nutritionist Ritika Samaddar addressed mothers’ queries regarding food consumption choices. “Lack of awareness on the importance of safe food habits leads to poor health and susceptibility to infections. Every mother knows the importance of providing her family with nutrition-rich food. But the rising incidences of food adulteration and a lack of proper understanding as shown in recent studies prove that there is a need for them to have access to better information. I am certain that the Right to Keep Food Safe campaign and initiatives like Nutrition Quotient will go a long way in doing just that.” 

Tetra Pak South Asia Markets Managing Director Kandarp Singh said, “We are encouraged to see increased participation and are glad that mothers are slowly rising up to the cause of food safety. Tetra Pak, as a responsible industry player takes pride in Right to Keep Food Safe campaign and the Nutrition Quotient online programme that will help mothers to become more aware and make safer and healthier choices for their families. Through these initiatives, we are determined to reach out to more and more mothers so that they inspire and influence others to follow.”


The Right to Keep Food Safe campaign is an awareness initiative launched by Tetra Pak as part of their continuing efforts to increase consumer awareness around food safety and nutrition. The campaign comprises several programmes, activities and seminars across ten key cities [Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Guwahati, Jaipur and Vishakhapatnam]. The campaign aims to empower mothers to champion the movement around food safety and nutrition and become spokespersons in their own communities to increase awareness on this critical issue. Register at http://www.protectswhatsgood.in/SafeFood/ to be part of this initiative.


Nutrition Quotient [NQ] is a first of its kind online course on food safety, nutrition and packaging initiated by Tetra Pak and under the aegis of the Indian Medical Association, the Indian Dietetic Association and the All India Institute of Medical Sciences [Department of Community Medicine]. Launched in 2013 for health professionals, nutritionists and dieticians, a new module has now been launched catering specifically to mothers’ concerns around food safety. Mothers can now easily log on and check their own NQ and complete an online course that has been tailor-made to improve specific areas related to food safety and nutrition. The interactive course includes interactive video tutorials, expert interviews and a unique mobile learning app. To check your own NQ, log on to http://nutrition-quotient.com/


Tetra Pak is the world’s leading food processing and packaging solutions company. Working closely with our customers and suppliers, we provide safe, innovative and environmentally sound products that each day meet the needs of hundreds of millions of people in more than 170 countries around the world.  With more than 23,000 employees based in over 85 countries, we believe in responsible industry leadership and a sustainable approach to business.  Our motto, “PROTECTS WHAT’S GOO,” reflects our vision to make food safe and available, everywhere. More information about Tetra Pak is available at www.tetrapak.com/in

Tetra Pak and PROTECTS WHAT’S GOOD are trademarks belonging to the Tetra Pak Group


Happy “Tetra safe” Cooking!

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