Natura Sugarfree organizes Get in Shape India campaign at Smaaash!

The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war.

Norman Schwarzkopf

L-R Fitness Trainer-Shayamal, Zydus Wellness MD Elkana Ezekiel, Major Vikram Mohan 2Natura Sugar-Free organised ‘Get in Shape India’ campaign at the SMAAASH gaming center in Mumbai on 4th February 2015 in order to make people aware about their health and fitness related to consumption of sugar vs sugar free. Kitchen Pops was invited to experience the same. We were welcomed with sweet lime,a SugarFree drink that was disclosed to us at the end.The event aimed at challenging our physical fitness and endurance level by involving us into games like paint-ball and stimulation cricket. The teams of 10 each were formed in order to play the game of  paint-ball with the twist that none of the team members had experience into the same.  The game became helpful for us to realise that how much attention do we pay towards our health and fitness. Participants were not only left exhausted but were feeling vulnerable. It made them realise that even if we try to eat healthy, our responsibility towards our body doesn’t end there.We also need to engage ourselves in physical activities to stay fit. . It’s always suggested to have comfort but not at the cost of your health so at times cleaning your house, taking the stairs instead of elevators wont hurt us but will keep us healthy. 

Elkana Ezekiel, managing director of Zydus Wellness, Major Vikram Mohan, an ex army officer working as marketing leader and strategist for Cognizant Interactive and Shayamal Vallabhji, director of Speed Kids were the three dignitaries present at the event.In the conference, Shayamal advised that we should set a goal because a human body needs a goal.A goal that is specific, measurable and realistic.It is easy to trick the brain to do the things that are unthinkable.He suggested a six step journey for exercise, they are as follows:

  • Someone will tell you to start
  • Your body will change
  • You would want the change in body to be quicker
  • You start eating healthy food
  • You will talk about your body change
  • You will share the experience of your body change to others

As a runner he suggested that it is very important to strengthen your ankles.Your glute and hip flex carry 70% strength for running.To be a true sportsman or fitness junkie, you must understand what you’re doing.Shayamal called out for volunteers from the guests.He asked them to do simple workout, which he practices with every participant he meets.Basically, with those workout tests he can make out how much strength and will power his participants possess in them.Out of four volunteers only one could manage to do it efficiently coz he was going to his gym spiritually. Shayamal warned us to train without knowledge.

It’s true that our life is not less than a war.With ever growing fast food joints, canned preservative food, ready-to-eat meals and frozen products available in the market; we have forgotten to rely on fresh fruits and vegetables like our forefathers did.

Elkana Ezekiel, spoke about his vision about fit India.Earlier Sugar-free was prescribed to patients with health issues, but looking at India as world’s third most obese country is upsetting.‘We have launched “Get in Shape India” campaign to fight obesity and promote a healthier country.”Ezekiel wants people to involve themselves in an active lifestyle and control intake of foods with excess sugar.sugar. Natura Sugar-free is no more a prescription, but a healthier option to stay fit. Imagine a guilt-free dessert that can put a smile on your face or morning tea that keeps you fresh all day.Civilians with celebrity trainer Shayamal Vallabhjee at Painball Test

At the end of the event, Vikram explained a few exercises on the website— Get in Shape India, is an interactive website wherein you can watch the training videos, guide to stay fit, calorie calculator that will give you a rough idea on how much calories certain food carries, ways to quit sugar, burnometer that gives you an idea on how much calories you burn based on your lifestyle, age, weight and sex and also you can donate calories as a form of donation to The Akshaya Patra Foundation.We found the charitable website not only helpful but also informative.

Recipe with Natura Sugar Free

We forget that a simple recipe like atte ka halwa is quick to cook. It has numerous health benefits.And now you can relish it with Natura Sugar Free diet sugar.It is hard to believe sugar and diet in the same context, but we assure you that you are not dreaming.


  • 4 tsp Natura Diet Sugar
  • 3 cups Water
  • 2 tbsp Cow Ghee
  • 4 cups Wheat Flour
  • Few Cardamoms


Take a pan, add  Natura Diet Sugar, which is measured same as sugar and add water. Bring the solution to boil.Take a kadai, pour pure cow ghee into it.Add wheat flour; when the ghee has melted completely, sprinkle some cardamom over it.

Roast the wheat flour and ghee thoroughly until the colour changes to light brown.When the flour starts to release the ghee, add the solution into the mixture.Make sure the mixture is lump free. Halwa is ready to serve when the mixture is semi-thick.

Ingredient Facts:

  • Natura Sugar Free, is a new generation substitute to sugar made from sucralose, which is derived from sugar.This elixir is low in calories and carbohydrates and still tastes like sugar.You can bake and cook with Natura Sugar Free.
  • Ghee, is rich in vitamin A and E.An antioxidant that also carries anti-viral properties gained from grass if fed to cows.The fatty acid in ghee gets absorbed by liver and it is burnt when consumed for energy.Regular consumption will help you in digestion and weight loss in long run.
  • Wheat, contains calcium, sulphur, magnesium, potassium, zinc, iodine, vitamin B and E and the list of minerals go on.Gluten is a protein that is found in wheat that gives elasticity to the dough.Did you know?Women who consumed wheat often had quicker weight loss.

 So what are you waiting for? Grab your Natura Sugar free today! 

Happy Sugarfree Cooking!

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