The Goodness of Leafy Greens at Eau De Monsoon, Le Meridien, Delhi

e4-1368207784A stimulating experience with a dash of greens was what Eau De Monsoon had in store for us. As the name suggests about the freshness and health added to your favorite meals, Eau De Monsoon runs a special Green Healthy food menu designed for you. With the aim of giving you the nutritious and heart friendly lunch/dinner, Eau De Monsoon offers, with a pinch of green in their delicious recipes to make them healthy with the taste.

A mix of the modern and traditional tastes, Eau de Monsoon is a contemporary fine dining restaurant located in Le Meridien, Delhi, which serves the authentic Indian flavors in an International style. The use of elegant brown and rust colors has been lauded by every international traveler. Though it misses out on the splendid view as compared to the higher floors, it still gives a formal and elegant ambiance to its guests.

Brocolli Cappuccino

Located in the heart of the busy capital of India, Le Meridien is one of the oldest and the best hotels to offer unique food and sophisticated accommodation for the tourists. Being present at the center entitles the guests to have easy access to all the tourist spots in a reasonable time from the hotel. The hotel offers a number of dining options like Nero, Le Belvedere, Caffe Longitude and Eau de Monsoon.

Established in the year 2011, Eau de Monsoon has been developed with the theme of monsoon season with the depiction of warm and cozy environment. Famous for its Oven Guard cuisine designed by celebrity chef Opel Khan, Eau de Monsoon offers the best possible innovative recipes to its guests by different garnishing.

The Dash of green festival has been an initiative by the Eau De Monsoon to help their guests eat and be healthy with the help of a special “green and nutrition” added to their recipes. Our journey with the “goodness of leafy greens” started, the moment we entered the place with wonderful fountains outside and the superb ambience. Well greeted by the staff, we landed on a special window side table which was reserved for us to have the wonderful experience. The view from these large glass panels on to the road was just so relaxing.

Blueberry Sorbet
Blueberry Sorbet

We were offered to start with the broccoli cappuccino as an amuse bouche. The cappuccino was the flavor of warm broccoli, served like a shot to be taken at one go. The taste was so lip-catching that we didn’t realize that our shot got over in a fraction of seconds, leaving us fresh and a feeling of healthy already!

The heart friendly lunch had a lot more such tastes in store for us starting from the starters like corn & spinach kebab, served with orange and fennel marmalade. These were again an innovatively decorated corn and spinach Seekh kebabs served with a marmalade that went well with it. Differing from the general dips and sauces, the marmalade added a colorful tangy twist to the dish making it healthier and tastier.

The second starter we were offered a sampler for was crispy spinach ‘Chaat’. The aim of having this simple Palak-Patta chaat in a fine dining restaurant and that too in totally different flavors was aimed to stimulate our appetite and make us feel healthy again.

Honeydew consomme with kiwi
Honeydew consomme with kiwi

Who could have been a better person than Ms. Anasuya Basu, to join us for the meal and to help us know more about the place. Before we could have jumped to taste the mains, we were offered with Blueberry sorbet as a palate cleanser. The main course had the very special dishes with the dash of greens. Red Chard (Saag) with coriander and peanuts from the east was one of the most relished dishes as it was made with chopped red saag leaves mixed with coriander and peanuts. The dish was dark red in color and was yummy. The next dish that followed was green peas and fresh fenugreek in royal gravy. This was yet again a green dish to make your meal nutritious and healthy. The pea with green fenugreek in off-white gravy was prepared in a different style to let the fresh fenugreek be visible and have its flavor. The breads to go with these main dishes, we were served with garlic naan, multigrain roti, methi parantha and bathua parantha. The flavors of these breads were the specialty as again, these were meant to give the message of having healthy and nutritious food.

Gulab jamun malai cheese cake, chandan ice cream, red fruit compote

We were now offered with honeydew consommé with kiwi as a pre dessert palate teaser. The wonderful flavor of honey served with a piece of kiwi into it to make us feel fresh before we have the much appreciated dessert for the day. In the desserts we were served with chocolate pave, Kulfi, pistachio snow, along with berry compote along with Gulab jamun Malai cheese cake, Chandan ice cream, and red fruit compote. Both the desserts were like heaven on earth. The Chandan ice cream was so refreshing to make you feel delighted. The innovative cheese cake, which had Gulab jamun pieces inside it, was just yummy.

Chocolate pave, kulfi, pistachio snow, berry compote

The experience was completed with a cup of good cappuccino along with Ms. Anasuya Basu and the well known Mr. Shahid Siddiqui and talking about his latest book “The Golden Pegion”, which made me go online and order the book after meeting an intellect human like him. Eau de Monsoon, is a place which gifted us small money plants to take home as a memory. Eau De Monsoon is a perfect place for a meal when you want to opt for fine dining and when you love to enjoy the weather and watch through their windows and delectable canapés.


Happy Cooking!

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