Finger licking fare at Ammi’s Biryani

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Located in the heart of Mumbai city in between corporate offices and gigantic malls is Ammy’s Biryani’s outlet. The interiors of the diner are compact and spacious. They have used bright colors like red and yellow from their brand logo for their interiors. We wondered why was it empty during peak hours. But soon we realized that they had a lot of takeaway orders. The first thing we noticed was the smile on the staff’s face, which is an important factor in hospitality business. The staff was not only polite, but had a good knowledge of the menu. During our visit, we were quietly observing the staff and how were they managing their customers. We must say they were proficient at their job. The diner looked shiny and new as it was recently opened in Malad. One thing we assure you that they are more hygienic than any regular restaurant. Everything was well co-ordinated between the staff from taking orders to getting them on the table and later cleaning it up. They also had their own jingle that was played on their record. Kitchen Pops was impressed. Although, the diner is suitable for quick lunch or dinner. IMG_5454

We started with their signature soft drinks inspired from traditional beverages. Aam Sharbat is a must have! This 20 seater diner serves one of the best Kachi dum biryani aka Hyderabadi dum biryani across India. They have reached a position where they see themselves competing with other QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) competitors like Pizza Hut. 

What really stands out about Ammi’s Biryani is that they serve Biryani with two side dishes. This Biryani meal includes salad, plain yoghurt with a sachet of their own masala and Kheer — Kitchen Pops would call it a perfect treat! We could smell and taste the flavors of all the herbs that were infused in the Biryani. To make our meal more spicy, we added the masala from the sachet into the yoghurt. Indeed, Kheer is the best to end with. Unlike other restaurants, their Biryani are not limited to vegetarian and non– vegetarian options. Ammi’s Biryani has four regional based biryanis apart from their signature dish, Hyderabadi dum Biryani. 

  • Hyderabadi Dum Biryani, served as basic Biryani
  • Chicken Harimirch Biryani, if you love your food hot—Kitchen Pops favorite
  • Pindi Chole Biryani, a delightful treat for vegetarians
  • Chicken Zeera Samba Biryani, a popular dish in Chennai
  • Mumbaiya Chicken Biryani, for the ones who like it spicy 

Apart from Biryani, they offer a wide range of varieties in starters like kebabs, tikkas and rolls. Kitchen Pops recommend their mouth watering starters like Gobi Kasundi; cauliflower cooked in mustard oil, Achari Aloo; just the right amount of masala roasted with big slices of potatoes and melting in mouth mutton sheekh kebab is a must try. Their rolls are to die for! The packaging is handy with no mess guaranteed. And, if you’re not a big fan of rice, then you can also try their curries served with paratha. 

Sulaimani Chai

The owner of Ammi’s Biryani, Mr Nawaz Sharieftook personal interest in the recipes and shared it with his chefs to modify it with local tastes. He is passionate about food, and especially traditional Mughal recipes. Ammi’s Biryani has more than 50 outlets in Bangalore and Chennai each. They are growing in Mumbai and Pune, and by 2020 they aspire to have 500 outlets across India. The first question that came in our mind is that how do they manage the flavors to be consistent in all places. They have incorporated machines in their outlet that helps the food to be cooked at the right temperature with measured spices. Ammi’s Biryani follows a strict regime; fresh food stocks are delivered to outlets daily from the main kitchen. They care about their customers, thus, they focus on healthy food that is reasonably priced. For them, customers are the epitome of every decision taken. 

As the name suggests, we were curious why Ammi? As explained by Mr Sharief, Ammi’s Biryani signifies food cooked and served with mother’s love. The recipes in the menu are inspired from his mother’s kitchen. He says, Ammi’s Biryani is a tribute to a mother’s love. 

A simple tea like Sulaimani Chai is a boon in disguise. We suggest having it after your meal.

In terms of packaging, we believe that they are sleek and trendy. Ammi’s Biryani has taken special care for the packaging of their food. Largely, their customers call for a takeaway. So, they provide heating containers for microwave and a dish tray for leftover meat. It’s an age old tradition to have Biryani with boiled egg and Ammi’s Biryani has a special section for add ons. Kitchen Pops recommends to have your Biryani with boiled egg. IMG_5444 - Version 2

To be honest, nothing beats our local cuisine and Ammi’s Biryani is doing a fab job to restore it. We wish them all the best!

Happy Cooking!

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