Let’s Pizza – the Sbarro Ways!

20141202_144035Love for pizzas gets never the less for the foodies like us. With the different set of toppings, with the superb variety of bases, Sbarro offers us their wide variety of US style pizza slices.

Located at a very central place of Gurgaon i.e. Metro Park at Huda City Center, Sbarro is going to be on the top of the hit list for people to grab the yummy pizzas while they travel every day. Easy to be reached by metro or even by car, opposite to the most famous Fortis Hospital, Gurgaon, Sbarro looks forward to have a good walk-ins for a quick meal of their US based conceptualized pizzas.

The perfect ambiance with the ideal seating is what Sbarro has to make you fall in love with it. Serving the best quality totally different and fresh pizzas, pastas, salads and desserts are what Sbarro has in store for you. Sbarro is actually the very first QSR in India to serve the authentic New York Pizza by the slices. They have the concept where you enter the place, pick your choices of food and then land upon the payment counter, post which you sit and enjoy your meal. With the wide choices of pizzas for vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians, Sbarro offers 3 kinds of pizza crust:FullSizeRender (2)

  • New York – which is a thin crust
  • Pan Crust – this crust is slightly thicker than the New York and is made in a pan.
  • Stuffed crust – where the toppings are stuffed between the two layers of the dough.FullSizeRender_2

You will simply fall in love with their open kitchen where you actually see the pizzas being made using the fresh dough which is made every day, a fresh sauce again made daily from scratch and also the use of 100% dairy Mozzarella Cheese. Along with the Pizza making station, Sbarro has a live pasta station, which is prepared using Parmesan White sauce and Sbarro sauce (red in color).

Trained in a professional manner the staff in Sbarro, are courteous to greet you the moment you enter and to assist you to order the best of your choices in the most simplistic manner. Sbarro in NCR is headed by the corporate chef Rahul Gladwin Massey, who claims to have the International Menu with a few additions of Indian Palate flavored pizzas for the guests. Rahul has an experience of more than a decade of working in the hospitality and food sector.

New York Cheese Pizza
New York Cheese Pizza

Kitchen Pops was invited to the review by Sbarro and we were glad that we got the chance to taste their wonderful offerings. 

Our tasting started with the New York Cheese slice pizza, which was an amazingly made thin crust pizza from Sbarro. This is one of their signature dishes. This pizza consists of 100% dairy mozzarella cheese along with the classic Sbarro tomato sauce. The slice costs you INR 49 and is sized as a slice of an 18’’ pizza. The hot slice with the yummy sauces and cheese tastes just out of the world.

New York Spicy Paneer Pizza
New York Spicy Paneer Pizza

Next came the New York Spicy Paneer Pizza (INR 119 per slice). A Desi paneer tikka on New York style cheese pizza is what this pizza is. It’s a red colored pizza with the proper toppings of paneer and veggies. The pizza was crisp and yummy.

It was followed by their signature pizza as the New York White Pizza. A pure white pizza made with 100% dairy Mozzarella cheese. A must try for everyone as it’s out of the world! A pizza which anyone and everyone would love, be it a kid or an elder person.

New York White Pizza
New York White Pizza

Yet another but totally different pizza slice was of Pan All Veggies (INR 129 per slice). It is a fully loaded vegetable Pan Pizza. By pan pizzas, Sbarro means thick, flavorful crust pizzas. It was a pizza with a twist as no other pizza you ever order has broccoli as a topping. The colorful toppings on a pan crust with the 100% dairy mozzarella and classic Sbarro tomato sauce was this all veggie pizza’s USP.

Pan All Veggies
Pan All Veggies

The next came to be altogether a unique pizza slice, as it was a Stuffed Makhani Paneer (INR 159 per slice), which had the creamy saucy tangy paneer topping stuffed between the two layers of the dough. This was an exclusive pizza that we don’t find any other pizza chains. The slice had fresh paneer pieces along with the tangy sauce and some veggies stuffed inside to give you the yummilicious taste and flavor.

Alfredo Pasta
Alfredo Pasta

We were also made to taste their Alfredo Pasta (INR 159) which was white sauce penne pasta with mushrooms. The pasta was served along with 2 pieces of garlic bread, which again was something different and special. Unlike the Domino’s or Pizza hut’s garlic breads, Sbarro has this distinctive small bread loaf shaped garlic breads for the garlic bread lovers.

Last but the yummiest was the dessert as the New York Cheesecake (INR 149). The cheesecake served with a wonderful flavor of cheese. Everyone loves the brownies, but only a few loves the cheesecake… A slice of cheese made into a dessert was poles apart from the general everyday brownie.

New York Cheesecake

With regards to the pricing, a meal for two will cost around INR 400 into which they get the privilege to taste 4-5 types of pizzas, pastas and the desserts.

So what are you waiting for, just walk-in to any of the Sbarro outlets to satisfy your taste buds.

Happy Cooking!

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