Product Review: The Tasty Rite Bite Max Protein Bars

If you are a food freak and love to munch something or the other from time to time, the Max Protein Bars are just for you!

Launched by Naturell India Pvt. Ltd, Max protein bars are a special product range of the bars for all the age groups.  A perfect munching snack for all those who are working out and those who are even not as it contains more of the proteins rather than the fat.09ab0946-471f-476a-a178-0c01d7e1fa872

When Naturell India Pvt Ltd requested us at Kitchen Pops to review their this range of protein bars, we found it as an interesting challenge because a food which is just like any other chocolate snack bar but a lot healthier is what we are looking forward at. We are excited because this was something which can answer the hunger pangs of anyone being a person under diet control together with satisfying their taste-buds. When you crave for having the chocolates, you are advised to simply indulge in eating these bars as they have the flavor of chocolate together with keeping a check on the calories you take.

max-protein-bar-925703429s (2)Launched in 3 variants:

  • Max Protein Choco Slim (20gm protein, 9.8GM fat, 13.6GM net carbs) – These are sugar-free protein bars which have a taste of rich chocolate brownie and are recommended to be consumed post a workout session.
  • Max Protein Choco Fudge (20gm protein, 12.5GM fat, 26.7GM net carbs) These ones have dominated flavors of nuts and cocoa. It is a perfect for killing your chocolate cravings.
  • Max Protein Honey Lemon (20gm protein, 13.6GM fat, 24.4GM net carbs) – As the name suggests, have a strong aroma of lemon and tangy flavor.

If we need to choose as per their ingredients, we will opt for Choco-slim as it has the least amount of Carbs. These Rite Bite Max protein bars are claimed to be healthy and tasty. Generally, we try and guard ourselves with the food packs labelled with healthy food as we know that those are much unhealthier than others. However, the same is not applicable to these protein bars as we have checked their ingredients as well.dsc06712._rite-bite-max-protein-choco-fudge-bar-pack-of-6

Health Facts – One entire bar has 20gm of protein, 5gms of Fiber, along with 21 vitamins and minerals and is claimed to be manufactured in the professionally headed R&D lab of the organization. These are good to be taken along when you are travelling to help you keep your carbs and fat intake restricted. They are saviours from junk food and satisfy your hunger as well.  

Available at the price of INR 90, they are not that expensive as well to take care of your health and protein intake and will be as a replacement for one of your meals in a day. A quick bite while you are moving or when you are short of time is what Rite Bite Max Protein Bars are meant for. So don’t just think, just be healthy with Max Protein Bars. 

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Stay Healthy!

Happy Cooking!

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