Restaurant Review: Celebrating the colourful Holi With Scrumptious Rainbow Holi Thali

Rainbow Thali

The festival of colours could not have been more colourful than the way we spent it with Zambar. A rainbow Thali along with a number of special deserts to go with the festive mood is what Zambar had in store for us. The special attention grabber was the Chef Arun Kumar’s Chocolate Bomb Ghujiya which was actually something out of the world. A ghujiya stuffed with a chocolaty surprise took our hearts away.

Lovely ambience with a buffet laid with coastal cuisine fragrance all around is what Zambar is for an afternoon lunch. Located at a convenient and crowded place Cyber Hub, it is one of the attractions for the corporate on the weekday afternoons while a good family place in the evenings and weekends. A love for south Indian Coastal food is what drags us to the place. Being located in a posh area, the ambiance is taken good care off by making it appropriate, light and soothing.FullSizeRender (1) The hygiene is maintained with the special care for vegetarian and non vegetarian food separation and an open kitchen where you can be sure of what is getting cooked and how it is getting cooked. The kitchen window is decorated with the coastal related stuffs, like the coconuts, pineapples and different shapes and colors of glasses.


Serving the authentic coastal cuisine, Zambar is one of the best options to opt as per the food flavors and pricing. Starting from the typical idli to special rainbow thali is what Zambar has in store for all its guests.

Kitchen Pops have been invited to experience the unique Holi celebrations at Zambar. We were offered with their request Rainbow Thali which had a good variety of coastal yet vegetarian options for us. We were welcomed by their extraordinary Rassam drink. It was something you get in various south Indian restaurants, but was with a twist and tasted very well.

The vegetarian Thali however, had a good lot of options as small Masala idle, Gunpowder Idle which had the gunpowder masala on it and the small plain idle, to give true color; Sambar with the authentic taste; exceptionally flavored lemon rice; Tamil Nadu special – Hyderabadi Paneer; Andhra Parupu Dal Curry; Colorful Thoran (Vegetable Salad with coconut) and Vegetable Korma Sabzi. To go with the rainbow colored dishes, we were offered their specialty Malabar Parantha and Appam. The Thalia had been out of the world with the most authentic yet different coastal flavors.


After enjoying the main course to the fullest, we satisfied our sweet tooth with the wide variety of their desserts – Rawa Kesari, Seviyaan Payasam, Litchi Payasam, Shahi Tukda and special for the occasion Chocolate Bomb Ghujiya. The unique tastes of each of them drove us to continue having spoons of them one after the other. Our personal favourite out of these was the Litchi Payasam and Chocolate Bomb Ghujiya as they were something only one of its kind. 

We recommend you to go for Zambar if you want to try something different in a unique cuisine and would love to enjoy a special evening with your loved ones. We must say, it is an ideal place with appropriate pricing to make you have a perfect meal in a different ambiance.

Happy Cooking!

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