Product Review: Love happens, Chocoville chocolate helps…

10420363_810378225683440_5213999906932286462_nWhen it comes to making yummy chocolate, Chocoville offers you wonderful dark chocolate bars to make wonderful chocolates from. Launched by Bakersville India Pvt Ltd, Chocoville is a product launched of International standards.

Recently, the Bonanza Bakery organized the special workshops for the chocolate lovers to help them learn the various recipes of chocolates to make this Valentine’s Day in Mumbai. Along with the basic recipes, it also helped them to learn decoration of chocolates and cakes. The expert chef Atik-ur-Rehman from Mumbai conducted these workshops with more than 100 chocolate recipes, with the attendance of 500 home bakers and housewives.

These chocolate slabs “Chocoville” have been launched in all the 4 varieties:

Chocoville Dark Chocolate Slab
Chocoville Dark Chocolate Slab
  • Dark
  • Milk
  • White
  • Belgium

Kitchen Pops have been requested to do the review of these chocolate bars and we were sent across the Dark Chocoville to try our hands on. The chocolate was sent along 2 chocolate molds. The result is too awesome with our teddies and hearts. The taste of the dark chocolate was just the perfect. Not too sweet and not that bitter.  The texture of these chocolates is so perfect for heating and molding them.

As claimed by Neeraj Muradiya, the CEO of Bakersville India, “It was the first time world class standards were being followed in chocolate making. Since Belgium chocolate is considered to be the best for chocolates, we are following the guidelines for chocolate making given by them.”

Bakersville India has approximately 100 distribution centers in the country. Apart from this, the company is also picking up pace with retail outlet chain around the country under the name of Food Décor Shop (FDS) which will give easy access to new entrants in the home bakery and chocolate making industry as all products will be available under one roof.

Let’s have the international standard chocolate slabs next time we plan to make chocolates for our loved ones.

Happy Cooking!

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