Book Review: Made in India – a cook book by Kunal Vijayakar

FullSizeRenderAfter attending the hilarious and colourful book launch at Mumbai for Kunal Vijaykar’s debut cook book “Made in India” with Jaico publishing House, we were thrilled and excited to receive the copy of the same to try our hands on the recipes and post a review.

I believe it is a pleasure for Kitchen Pops to get in touch with Kunal Vijaykar and his book to learn so many of new recipes of their own kind… The best part about the book we found was that it has a introductory message for every dish. The message talks about the speciality of the dish, its origin and a small description for the same. This helps us to learn so much about these innovations.

FullSizeRender_1Another aspect we fell in love with was that it has a separate section for the vegetarian dishes and non-vegetarian dishes. The 60 mouth-watering recipes have been divided well into heads like Vegeratrian, Egg, Chicken, Fish, Mutton, Beef, Dessert, Sides and Masala. Every recipe is accompanied by the 3 important aspects i.e.

  • the Amount of time it’s going to take while cooking,
  • Number of people the dish can serve
  • Other eatables the dish can be served with

Our personal favourite have been the special and innovative scrumptious Akki Roti And Pakoda Dahi Khadi.

The book “Made in India” is reasonably priced at INR 399. Kunal Vijaykar is an Indian film actor, director and television personality. He is well known as the host of The Foodie on Times Now and co-host of the news-spoof show The Week That Wasn’t with Cyrus Broacha on CNN-IBN.

Grab your copy of the book to try the so different and yummy food recipes by the celebrity.

Happy Cooking!

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