Savor the moment—Wine tasting @ Mumbai

IMG_6184Little did we know that India has some exceptional wines to offer. Kitchen Pops was invited to Trinity Vintners’ wine tasting event at D’wine in Khar, Mumbai, hosted by Ashwin Deo, founder and owner of Trinity Vintners. He is India’s leading F&B professional with 27 years of experience in the alcohol beverage industry. Marc Dworkin, consultant winemaker for Trinity Vintners, was thrilled to illuminate us with his knowledge about wines. Marc imparted his wine tasting trick— you must always have a slice of bread while you sip on to wine during the tasting.

Marc Dworkin
Marc Dworkin

Marc, strictly says no to spice, but with red wine you can savor it. He says, “Red wine compliment spicy food in a way it creates a balanced flavor in your mouth.”Marc has visited India from past couple of years due to his involvement in making sure the wine imprints a good feeling on to us. He believes that the client is the king and no wine is a bad wine. People enjoy it because it suits their palate. 

According to Ashwin Deo, his motive is to change his audience’s mood with his wide range of wines. Turning Point Sangrias is one of a kind drink available in two flavors—Metropolitan and Nashik Mule, served in attractive bottles of 330ML. Metropolitan is a combination of red wine with fruit flavors of orange and cranberry and in Nashik Mule, white wine with fruit flavors of orange and ginger ale. These Sangrias are designed for consumers to induce them to have fun with the bottle. Ashwin wants to ‘renew, reinvent and repurpose’ the intake of wines. He made Turning Point wines simple and accessible to young people. The MRP of these Sangrias is Rs.135/- only competing with a set of premium beers and breezers. “Sangria has, over the last few years become the largest selling cocktail in the country with all the leading hotels and bars serving them by pitchers! It is this trend that has been captured in a 330ML bottle by Turning Point Wines!!“, says Ashwin Deo.

Ashwin Deo
Ashwin Deo

Turning Point Sangrias is a must have for anybody who believes in the concept of YOLO (you only live once). Don’t find an occasion to drink wine, have the wine anyways. All you need to do is push the sliced fruits into the bottle and slurp it on a happy day. 

Ashwin Deo is a non-believer of matching his food with type of wine. A wine is all about mood. Although, for those who still want to follow the traditional way of having wine, you must eat less and enjoy your drink more. It is about ‘wine & mood’, rather than wine & food. 

Kitchen Pops thinks highly of Turning Point Sangrias with a completely new concept of having wine straight from the bottle. The good news is that Turning Point and JLT ranges of wines are available in over 300 outlets across Mumbai and also available in Pune, Nagpur, Punjab, Delhi, Bangalore, Pondicherry and Calcutta. So grab your bottle now!

Happy Cooking!

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