Treat your tastebuds with Australian Eagle Boys Pizza

Packaging @ Eagle Boys PizzaWith the aim of tasting and reviewing the Eagle Boys Pizzas, Kitchen Pops was invited to Sterling Cinema, which is a place surrounded by many corporate offices in the old British premises. Before, we go ahead with what all we relished, we want to take you back to the memory lane at the inception of this Australian treat. In late 90s, a small pizza store was open for business in Albury, New South Wales. In no time it grew into one of Australia’s second largest Pizza makers, creating job opportunities for more than 8,000 members nationally. 

Veg Mexicana & Country style Pizza
Veg Mexicana & Country style Pizza

It is no surprise that they have launched, Eagle Boys Pizza in India. For them, India is a huge market. Their first pizza store was recently launched as a medium size joint shared with other eateries , inside the Sterling Cinema, Mumbai on 19th December, 2014. And now, they are soon going to launch their pizza store in Oshiwara, Andheri West. 

Spicy Garlic Scroll
Spicy Garlic Scroll

Kitchen Pops was keen to know how good are they in side dishes! And to our surprise, they proved us wrong. Usually, the pizza stores in India are only focused on pizzas and neglect the other important food components that compliment pizza with drinks. Especially, the sides! We recommend that you do not miss the Spicy Garlic Scroll—it’s hot, cheesy and spicy! For non-pizza lovers, don’t be disheartened. Eagle Boys Pizza serves delicious pastas that will make your tummy smile. Although, they offer limited pasta options, but we say lesser is better. So, do not hesitate if you are in no mood to have bread and not the pizza as some of their dishes are tailored according to the Indian palate. 

We just hate the idea of aerated drinks on its own, when you have better ways to drink it. You must try their mocktails, Exotic Flavoured for the people who love stron berry flavours and Green Apple Mojito, uf you prefer drinking something on a milder side. 

BBQ Chicken & Spicy Chicken Pizza
BBQ Chicken & Spicy Chicken Pizza

We were made to taste some wide varieties in pizzas, from Country Style to Veg Mexicana in vegetarian and from BBQ Chicken to Spicy Chicken served in a deep dish. All we could think of, when we recall the flavors of Eagle Boys Pizza, it is the soft, deep dish layered with crunchy vegetables and melting in mouth chicken. Kitchen Pops highly recommends Veg Mexicana and BBQ Chicken. They make the dough in their kitchen and don’t call for it from elsewhere and to go with it, they prefer mozzarella over cheese paste. 

A special care is taken to keep the place clean and hygienic according to international standards. And the best part is that the customer can see how the pizza is made in front of them. The stewards are helpful and aware of what the customer is looking for! 

What really stands out about this outlet is that the movie-goers can take the pizza inside the cinema theatre!

Kitchen Pops believes that the experience of a good movie is incomplete without a perfect treat. Yes, treat, our final and the best pizza that you can imagine—Triple Chocolate Pizza. This is one of those dishes, you can’t miss in life!

Triple Chocolate Pizza
Triple Chocolate Pizza

Eagle Boys Pizza has some brilliant offers going on. If you’re a cricket fan, don’t miss out on the 50% off on everything you order, when India wins. They also have happy hours from 12pm to 5pm on limited options, and on delivery they have Rs 299 off on certain dishes. What are you waiting for?

Happy Cooking!

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