Different strokes for different folks at Kurries & Burries

K&B ShortNot so far from the station, and pretty much central via roadways. Kurries and Burries, is a one of a kind café that serves Mex–Asian cuisine. It’s a dream venture of the Todi family. The recipes were created by Archana Todi, and the research took over a year to get the recipes right. The café is clear with their target audience: students, families and professionals. As their brand mascot suggests, ‘Mex-Asian on the move’! They serve most of their dishes in a disposable container, which can be re-heated in the microwave. The packaging is apt for corporate pickups. They also deliver, anywhere between Narimon Point and Mahalaxmi Temple. 

Mango Mocktail
Mango Mocktail

Kitchen Pops started with the Mango Mocktail, as an in-house drink. The specialty behind this elixir is that they use fresh mango pulp without preservatives.  We would say that we have just begun our journey with some delicious recipes on our way, which were solely inspired from an in-house family-cum-chef, Archana Todi. The next dish we tried was, Mexican soup. If you like your soup spicy and creamy, this fusion will work best for you. Don’t miss out on their in-house 3 Layered Sandwich; this sandwich has all the flavors that will tickle your palate, as they call it Baap of sandwiches

In starters, we tried Taquitos, Kung Pao Potatoes and Crackling Spinach with Paneer. Believe us, it’s so good that we can’t decide what to go for first! Taquitos are cone shaped Tortillas filled with creamy cheese and Mexican fillings. Its unique presentation sets it apart from the rest of the dishes. Kung Pao Potatoes are a lot spicier and yummier than the original recipe. It’s their signature in-house dish, must try! The easiest trick to find out if the recipe is well done is to try certain dishes that tell you the story. Crackling Spinach with Paneer will definitely tell you a story of perfection. You can actually feel the crackling sound as you chew the soft paneer with crispy spinach. 

In the main course, we choose to go with their signature dish Mexican Mex-wich.It’s strictly served hot, as the flavors blend well with your taste. The hard work and creativity shows in the process it is made. It’s both grilled and fried, with a thick layer of cheese sauce topped with salsa sour and Mexican sauce. It’s like heaven and earth combined together. And, definitely tops the list for Kitchen Pops. The next four dishes we tried were Asian: Coconut Cream Gravy, Red Thai Curry, Burmese Khau Suey and Pad Thai Noodles. Coconut was the main ingredient in all the four recipes.

Three Layered Sandwich
Three Layered Sandwich

Kitchen Pops fell in love with the Coconut Cream Gravy, which was their Jain specialty. In Burmese Khau Suey, they have mixed all the ingredients together with noodles, except the gravy for the customers having it on the go. For curries, you don’t have to worry. You have two options: The Red Thai Curry is medium spicy, whereas, the Green Thai Curry is spicy. If you want to try out something new, then definitely go for Pad Thai Noodles. It’s creamy and spicy—a simple combination of sweet, salty and sour flavors. 

And now, last but not least, we have the king of all desserts and Kitchen Pops favorite, Taco Mousse. Cacao Mousse with grated chocolate, edible stars, dragées and Choco chips are served in a hard Taco shell. 

Their regular customers actually complement them for keeping the dishes close to home cooked food. Moreover, their ingredients are made in-house. Apart from friendly service, they are always keen to know their customers’ need and try to keep up with it. And, the most important factor is that it’s budget friendly and serves good enough quantity that can feed 1-2 persons. Two people can have their meal in just Rs. 400. They also carry student discounts from Monday to Friday, between 12.15pm – 7pm. 

Taco Mousse5
Taco Mousse

Kurries and Burries have a special burrito challenge going on. The idea behind The Big Daddy Burrito Challenge is to add some spice for the vegetarian foodies. This concept is common in foreign countries, but restricted to meat eaters. Above all they serve 90% Jain food and give the same treatment to Jain recipes. Check out for more details about The Big Daddy Burrito Challenge bellow: 


  1. You have to eat, chew & swallow, by yourself all the burrito (16”), salsa, sour cream, wafers, and Pepsi Pet bottle that is presented in front of you at the table
  2. You cannot leave the table during the challenge
  3. The Big Daddy Burrito Challenge is available in house only
  4. There is something in it for everyone
  5. Beat the latest best record: BDB Free + 50% off on the next bill
  6. Complete within 8 mins: BDB Free + 75% off on the next bill
  7. Complete within 15 mins: BDB Free
  8. Complete in 15 mins: We pay 50% of the BDB for you
  9. Referrer: Dessert Free
  10. Incase you can’t finish it you pay for the BDB 

Join them as they have something in it for everyone.

Happy Cooking!

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