The Love for Kitchen at The Kitchen District, Hyatt Regency, Gurgaon

IMG_8930Welcome to a place could not have been with a windy breeze and a great smile on the faces. The grand place well represented by the Manager and the Chef Shenthil, it was a great time spent in The Kitchen District, Hyatt Regency, Gurgaon. Located on the Gurgaon- Manesar border, just after the toll, Hyatt Regency treats their guests to a profusion of Indian Coastals, Eastern as well as Mediterranean delights from their 7000 sq. ft room kitchen.

A perfect place with comfortable seatings with two private dining sections and a chef’s live table as well, Kitchen District is a place with its extended attachment to The Long Bar which boasts a 60 ft long bar table. Kitchen District also possesses a communal table with the concept for the individual guests who can sit, have their wines and interact with new people. Talking about the food kitchens, the place has separate kitchens like the Japanese Kitchen, Indian Kitchen, Western as well as Italian Kitchen.

???????????????????????????????We took the table just adjacent to the entry to The Long Bar and were greeted well by Chef Senthil, who heads the Indian Kitchen at Kitchen District. He is the versatile mind in the conceptualizing of the restaurant with the experience of 17 years working across the World in Hyatt properties. The chef enlightened us that the kitchen uses fresh seasonal ingredients from their local and international markets. The cooking methods include grilling, stir-frying or baking, etc. The special dishes introduced by him in the menu was the authentic Indian flavors and dishes like Kai Kari Korma and Kal Dosa which are gaining popularity amongst foodies.

Our food journey begins with the Citrus Cooler mocktail to go with the amazing rainy day. Along with the beverage, we were served the Tomato Bruchetta.

Citrus Cooler with Bruchetta
Citrus Cooler with Bruchetta

Next came the salads and appetizers: Burrata with cherry tomatoes & Basil; Melted Goat cheese, eggplant, tomato, herb salad and Nonya Salad – vegetables, sweet chili sauce. The Burrata was an amazing cheese served along with cherry tomatoes and with the flavor of basil. While the melted goat cheese and eggplant salad was something very exclusive and different. It had the wonderfully done herb salad, which was served on the eggplant with goat cheese. Our personal favorite of these was Nonya Salad which was sweet as well as sour in its taste. With the veggies cut in small pieces and served with the dressing of sweet chili sauce, it was a refreshing salad you will love before you go to your main course.

Our culinary journey took a step ahead when we were served the Lentil Soup, Orzo Pasta, Vegetables,  served in a very authentic and Indian style, this was a Dal shorba served along with a roti. The taste was enhanced with the orzo pasta and the veggies added to the soup. The totally different was the soup Veg Laksa, a soup with a flavor of coconut milk, curry leaves, turmeric, lemon grass and vegetables.

???????????????????????????????Up next was Vegetarian Yakitori – served on a live griller and a mix of shiitake mushrooms, broccoli, zucchini and bell peppers. We are a fan of veggies and salads and when served in such an innovative way, we loved it more. A dish which was unknown to our palate and now tops our wishlist is their Spinach Pide. Seems like a pizza, but lot more yummy than it, Spinach pide is a mix of spinach, cottage cheese and cheese baked in a bread and served hot. Next to tempt us were the Zucchini Fritters with Cheese Dip. For the ones who loved pakoras but with a continental touch is what these fritters are. Crispy yet soft from inside, keeping the flavor of zucchini intact, this dish was a total hit!

Innovation is what Kitchen District has in store for you and that’s what made them come up with another innovative delightful dish Mushroom Wantons. Served on a bed of soya sauce and flavors from the China, these wantons are stuffed well for the mushroom lovers to have the flavor of mushrooms in all together a different way. It’s a personal favorite of Kitchen Pops.

Next to our table was an entry by the famous and chef’s special Kai Kari Korma and Kal Dosa. From the ancient times of south, Chef Shenthil innovated and introduced this dish to Kitchen District’s menu. Wonderful flavour of coconut and veggies in the kari served along with a different type of dosa cum uttapam is what this was. A must try for south Indian food lovers.IMG_8933

Being stuffed badly, we requested the chef to now close down the main course menu for us and to allow us to browse through their Interactive dessert counter. Where we were not able to help ourselves from drooling over the Tiramisu; Lemon Mousse Coconut Dequire; Chocolate Mousse and Strawberry Eton Mess. A perfect place for food lovers and especially the mouth watering desserts. Looking back at the good time spent in this place, we recommend The Kitchen District to spend quality time with your loved ones with prompt service and a happy atmosphere.

Happy Cooking!

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