Kabab-e-Maza with Frontier, The Ashok, Delhi

The ambiance inside the restaurant shouts out loud and tell you to walk-in and have a closer look. And I am sure, the moment you step in, you will not look back or turn around to leave the place without tasting the delicious food to compliment the ambiance. We are talking about the food from the land where the men are tough and the meat is tender. With around 76 covers of contemporary fine dining with a-la-carte, Frontier started it’s operations in the year 1982 and the best part to mention is that it holds the same menu without changes since then.

Location & Ambiance

Located in the posh locality and surrounded by the foreign embassies, The Ashok is a hotel destination for the major conferences and meetings. Frontier, the north-west cuisine conceptualised restaurant is one of the most popular ones in The Ashok. Well adorned ambiance with the use of color Black depicting the starry nights of the times and a path on the floor depicting the flowing river is what Frontier is. The decor is done with the help of mirrors and textured walls along with the use of glass vessels to give the star effects in the dark ambiance and instrumental music in background.

Food Cuisine & Pricing

Guava Welcome Drink
Guava Welcome Drink

The concept of a fine dining restaurant with the North-west authentic cuisine is what Frontier boasts about. This cuisine is being strongly influenced by the rich culture in the region like Afghanistan and Iran. The food in these regions is generally said to have mouth – watering flavours with the emphasis on mughlai and tandoori food. These meals are made sure to be cooked in large handis and is done by using the slow cooking process.

Staff & Service

Well versed with the cuisine, well dressed to go with the theme are the smiling faces of the stewards to make sure you enjoy your meals to the fullest. The service is quite prompt and the presentation speaks it all for the cuisine and the taste.

Food & Pricing

Kitchen Pops was welcomed by the Restaurant Manager, Mr. Vipin Chanran C. along with a guava baby pink colored drink to make us feel to the place. The moment I took a sip of it, I realised it was not strawberry but guava and was actually something unique. We were then joined and greeted by Chef Anish who promised to make our food journey at Frontier a memorable one.

Tandoori Bharwa Aaloo
Tandoori Bharwa Aaloo

Our journey started with the appetizers as Bharwan Aloo (INR 575), Paneer Tikka (INR 600) and Subz-e-Seekh (INR 575). The bharwan aloo is one of their signature dishes in vegetarians, as it’s the potatoes stuffed with delicately flavoured cheese and then cooked in tandoor. Paneer tikka was the tikkas of paneer cooked well in the tandoor after marination. And Sabz-e-seekh were different and tasty with a mix of veggies rolled in the seekh and then cooked in tandoor. Our personal favourite became the bharwa aaloo with a twist in the stuffing.

After enjoying the appetizing starters, we moved ahead as per the Chef’s suggestion for the main course. We were presented with the special Dal Dera Ismail Khan (INR 400), Khatte Baingan (INR 575), Paneer Peshawari (INR 600) and Palak-e-khumb (INR 600) along with the assorted bread baskets of pudhina parantha, garlic nan and kulachi Nan. Dal is one of their signature dishes and is cooked for atleast 48 hours before it comes to your table. The dal is not the dal makhani but is black lentil which is cooked as per the times in north –west where they had the concept of keeping the dal on slow cooking process in order to serve the warriors with food at any odd hour of the day. The Khatte Baingan is a must have for those who don’t really like baingans the traditional way. The gravy itself is so yummy that you will take your spoon forward to have a bite of the baingan too. The peshawari paneer is a rich gravy paneer dish with a rich aroma and taste. On the other-side, the green palak which is again not made the traditional way but is cooked authentically with tandoori mushrooms is something to fall in love with. The breads were served hot and had the real flavours to go along with the lip-smacking main course gravies.

Kala Noor
Kala Noor

To digest the superb food which we ate in huge quantity, we were given a unique drink as Kala Noor, which was a black drink made with the digestive black salt, jeera etc. A must try after the heavy and scumptous meal.

For the sweet tooth, they have a good choice of chef’s special kulfi faluda – Intekhaab sheer –e- barf (325), shehad-e-jaam (gulab jamun) (INR 325), phirni and ras malai. Out of which we fell in love with their kulfi faluda and the phirni. We were then greeted and were presented with cakes as a takeaway memory.

Kitchen Pops recommends to try:

  • Bharwan Aloo
  • Sabz-e-seekh
  • Khatte Baingan
  • Dal dera Ismail Khan
  • Kulfi Faluda
  • Kala Noor

And to suggest you the non-vegetarian dishes which is the speciality of this restaurant:

  • Jhinga Samakand
  • Raan-e-Alishan
  • Kabab-e-Bannu
  • Pathar Kabab
  • Sakhat Kabab

To give you a quick rating:

Food: 4.5 / 5 poppers

Ambiance: 5/5 poppers

Staff: 4.5 / 5 poppers

Happy Cooking!

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  1. LFFL says:

    The guava drink looks good. I’ve never had one before.


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