Stay healthy, have Biryani360!

Have you missed home-made Biryani, especially when you’re away from home? Well guys, you need not worry about it from now on. Kitchen Pops has a real deal for Mumbaikars who are either too busy to cook or can’t cook. Shayan Italia, the founder and CEO of Biryani360, wants to offer Biryani that’s 100% fresh without any preservatives. The Biryani is made within 45 minutes flat with the top quality ingredients. Biryani360 uses combinations of rice grains to lower carbohydrates, calories and increase digestibility. The prominent fragrance of saffron is used to increase the antioxidants in the process. They use a unique process to cook the chicken on a high degree blue flame equivalent to marinating it for over 72 hours. B360-11

Kitchen Pops is impressed with the packaging of Biryanis efficiently created boxes with quirky colors of green and red, to denote “Veg” and “Non-Veg” orders, Biryani360 comes complete with a lip-smacking side-yogurt made out of imported curd, and with a SPORK (spoon/fork) and napkin stash enhancing the eating experience. 

For Shayan, it was a year-long journey to get the recipe right with the help of the best consultants from the industry. Food Writer & Restaurateur, Nikhil Merchant, who is associated with Biryani360 as a consultant, explain, “Biryani is comfort food, in the process of creating the perfect Biryani, a lot many times people tend to complicate the contents so that it feels (and tastes) right. If the focus is at the authenticity of flavor and a palate pleasing experience, then all you need is great produce, the simplest combination of the right spices and correct cooking techniques that can retain every single aroma and flavor in it. Biryani360 has managed to keep this all intact even if it’s not a full service sit-down space and the right place to order if you want not just great, but exceptional Biryani.”

Biryani360 is divided into 6 slots capable of taking 60 orders per hour, being able to deliver a capacity of 360 Biryanis a day. Slots:B360 Packaging 1

  • 12pm – 1pm
  • 1pm – 2pm
  • 2pm – 3pm
  • 7pm – 8pm
  • 8pm – 9pm
  • 9pm – 10pm

Customers can place their orders either by visiting our website and following a simple procedure or by calling Biryani360 on +91 7506 735 085. Customers have the option online of either paying by cash on delivery or using card payment through two of India’s most well known gateways— CCAvenue and PayU.

The concept of Biryani360 was a random creative outburst by Shayan. He always loved dabbling with creatives. He distinctly remembers creating a fun animated 1-minute video about the launch of a new Biryani place. The video introduced two quirky characters that professed their love for each other over Biryani.

His techie friend and others fell in love with the characters and announced that they wanted to buy the Biryani. Except, the worst part, there was NO Biryani. B360-8

He realized that there was a market in Mumbai that was never really tapped. He wanted to sell gourmet Biryani that could be ordered in through a click on your phone.

Biryani360 encompasses an all round 360-degree experience for Biryani—from the packaging, to the customer service to the delivery. Every detail has been meticulously taken care of. Most marketers would agree with the fact that it is easy to remember a brand name if it consists of numerical digit as well. The name was entirely experimental, but he and his team believed in it.

Shayan believes that it is a myth when people say that the best Biryanis are supposed to be oily or full of garam masala. They have so far got positive response from several die-hard Biryani fans saying that they could never go back to eating Biryanis from other restaurants.

Shayan shared his views about futuristic goals with Kitchen Pops—In due course of time they are planning to take Biryani360 to other prominent cities of India, where each location will act like an independent franchise and will be capable of taking care of deliveries for its catchment. Shayan’s vision for the brand is to make everyone (in India and around the globe) experience gourmet Biryani at the click of a button. B360-16

Shayan confesses to Kitchen Pops that he is a fan of boneless chicken and his clientele loves it. They have a state-of-the-art 1,300 sq. ft. Facility right near Bandra Station. The kitchen is equipped to handle up to 1,500 Biryanis a day. They have also ensured a thorough delivery system delivering to any part of the city depending on the orders. So far whoever has visited their kitchen has lauded them to keep it sparkling clean at all times.

Being a gourmet Biryani brand, hygiene and cleanliness is of utmost importance to them. Even people who downright hate their product say the kitchen is one of the best they’ve ever seen, especially for a start-up!

In the next two weeks they are revamping offers for their customers with the most competitive prices and offering them a responsive loyalty program. Their vision is to be the Michelin grade gourmet food served for street price.

So what are you waiting for? Order Biryani360 today!

Happy Cooking!

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  1. KingJawed says:

    I have tried their unveg signature biryani and can vouch for the claims. I liked the preparation and have been recommending it to all my friends. The taste is awesome and unlike other biryanis you won’t feel heavy and sluggish after wards. Its not doubt innovative. The chicken pieces are soft so that they can be torn apart with only the fingers and the rice grains are cooked just to the right extent so that they are soft but they don’t stick to each other.


  2. Narendra Wadhwa says:

    Biryani360 tag line is appropriate for the look of the most desirable delicacy. .
    Kindly keep me posted on a regular basis.


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