Let’s Party at Barbeque Nation’s Atmosfire @ Bangalore

What a lovely evening! The team of Kitchen Pops landed to a super fun filled atmosphere, oops Atmsofire. Yes, a segment of the hospitality industry which has shouldered the responsibility of giving you the best combination of food and fire. Atmosfire is a brain child of the most renowned and successful venture in the food industry, “The Barbeque Nation.” DSC02425Atmosfire, in all true senses is a theme based party concept, which is unique of its kind in the city. Be it birthdays, anniversaries or the promotion party, Atmosfire with it’s deadly combo of cuisines can definitely impress you. It offers you customized services, hand-picked menu, options to choose your own chef and organize the party at your premises. The themes, balloons, cakes and invites can also be taken care by the team of Atmosfire. And the best is yet to come, yes, they do clean the entire place before leaving your venue. Ah, such a relief to the ladies!DSC02423

We were welcomed by the Senior Management of Atmosfire, the broad smiled chefs and of course the atmosfire aura! The party hall was well decorated which had the Chota Bheem theme, the favourite of the children. I loved the compact barbeque set which could be used even from your balcony. The menu was presented in the form of playing cards which grabbed my attention. There were almost 150 cards and each card had the description of the cuisines with mouth-lickering images. I was overwhelmed to know that one can choose from the menu for the buffett course. They grabbed the first mover advantage by charging on the number of guests present in the party rather than following the per plate count system.

We were comfortably made to sit in the premises of Atmosfire. The conversations were softer and the rain was louder. The dine time began and in no time we were served with the starters. The Panner Tikka, Punjabi Bharwa Aloo and Corn bites were the few among the best ones. If you are a potato lover, the Punjabi Bharwa aloo is a must try. It is a blend of taste and nutrition. Well, the non-vegetarians from our team were eagerly waiting for the mouth watering prawns and the grilled chicken. The spiced and instantly barbequed prawns kept the team high. For a moment the conversation was muted, the sound of rains went dumb to the ears and the focus was entirely on the sea food. We know the vegetarians would slightly be disappointed at Atmosfire as the choices would be limited. However, if paneDSC02421er can satisfy your taste buds, the place is bang on. The soup was brought to our notice after the starters, to which it was a complete no from all of us. The presentability quotient needs a little improvisation, however the great hospitality by the entire Atmosfire team balanced it.

The main course for the vegetarians included Paneer Makhni and the Indian bread whereas the non-vegetarians were offered Chicken gravy and Spicy mutton. We could sense the aroma of Indian spices and before we could guess the cuisine, comes the pulao. The taste of the pulao definitely did not take me to a different food world, however it did satisfy my appetite. The rain was adding charm to our business conversation. If you are a wine lover and are in mood of soothing your throat, this is definitely not the place. The liquor is strictly banned in Atmosfire, but you do can request for cocktails.

A dinner is incomplete without desserts. Sweets can definitely raise your serotonin (happy hormones) level in the body. Can you expect anything more than the Angoori gulab Jamuns and the cold weather? A deadly combo I must say. The hot gulab jamuns added flavor to the entire food that we had consumed so far. We were also offered sizzling brownies, which did appeal to us. Thus, the splendid evening came to an end, showering us with a great time than we could have ever expected.DSC02424

Happy Cooking!

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  1. Dimple says:

    great write up. Perfect use of words to narrate the atmosphere of atmosfure. I appreciate the frankness in mentioning about the little negative points too. Keep going.


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