Let’s have a bite of Yoga!

Let’s just say that you are offered a challenge to live in a box and you have been supplied with a mat and a bottle of water. How would you choose to survive? If I were you—to stay calm I would meditate and stretch myself on the mat that would relax my muscles and strengthen my joints. In theory, we can presume many such illusive ideas, but in reality do we take ourselves seriously enough? We are blinded with branded fast food joints that come in our way when the stomach starts to growl. We spend thousands of rupees on fitness center and still lurk around KFC, McDonalds like hungry wolves. Yoga-Sunset-Meditation

We fail to understand that it’s important to eat healthy and stay fit as well. Yoga is for everyone. In school, I was introduced to yoga in class four. I was always excited about the class as it was less tiring and more rejuvenating. It is proven science that has become a household name around the world. But how do we find balance between yoga and healthy eating?

Yoga offers a balance between mind and body and so does healthy food. You can say that both are two-sides of the same coin. You can’t practice yoga without changing your diet or just having healthy meals without any physical activity. You must make conscious efforts to drink at least 3 to 4 liters of water every day. And you will see the difference. Your skin will become clearer and younger. Whereas, yoga will enhance your stamina and make your body flexible. If you start eating healthy food, it will give you strength, stimulate resistance to wounds and help body to function properly. It is crucial for ladies to avoid yoga during menstruation, as the body needs to rest during that period of time. And in case of pregnancy, you must consult a yoga guru for guidelines.

All you need is to schedule yourself. You must start early to practice yoga empty stomach. Although, there is no hard and fast rule to stick to a particular time, but it is more beneficial if you have at least three hour gap between your meals and your next yoga session. You must know that yoga is a potent antidote to prevent any bodily ailment. We advise you to stick to fruits and vegetables. Beans are also a good source of protein, if you want to avoid dairy products. Did you know that too much of regular salt can lead to serious problems like blood pressure, dehydration, hypertension and other heart related diseases. You must make a conscious effort to reduce salt intake in your food and consume rock salt instead. If you have lukewarm water with lemon and honey in empty stomach, it will increase metabolism that you had in your childhood. yoga

To start yoga today, grab a mat and practice yoga at least for an hour. Do rest a few seconds between asanas (exercises). When you spread the mat and sit comfortably on it; start with long breaths for five minutes, followed by Pranayam (breathing exercises). Once you’re done with Pranayam, stretch your hands and legs before starting with asanas. Anybody can perform asanas in yoga with basic guidelines or consult a yoga guru. The best part about practicing yoga is that there is no age limit. Practice makes yoga perfect!

Pranayam had been tucked away for many years. This ancient magical science was practised by a few or were trained under yoga gurus. Ramdev Baba made these breathing techniques accessible to common men. We must now, thank the social media, which has made knowledge available to us with a click of a button. These techniques can be practiced sitting anywhere. You can be on a train or stuck in a traffic or sitting on a hilltop; all you have to do is learn these controlled breathing techniques with the help of books, videos or yoga gurus. To decode these breathing techniques, we will first make you understand why these techniques should be part of your daily life.

It is the fact that we can live without food and water, but cannot live without breathing. Our body has three doshas i.e. vata (air), pitta (fire and water) and kapha (water and earth). These qualities exist in each of us, but due to our unstable lifestyle either of these qualities increase in proportion to others. When this happens, our body reacts and we feel sick. For instance, when the vote soars up, the body loses its balance internally. Unstable vata can create digestive problems. So, we must make sure that our body is fit from within. online-yoga

Ramdev Baba Tipnis:

  • Children from the age of 3 can practice Pranayam (light breathing exercises) and start asanas by the age of 5. This will help them grow wise, intelligent, energetic, strong and confident. It will also lead to good eyesight and height.
  • An adult who practices kapalabhati and anuloma-viloma, each for minimum 5 minutes will live a life free of diseases and tension. He can benefit more if he exercises, breathing techniques up to 30 minutes, which can cure deadly diseases like cancer and AIDS.

We waste our little fortune on beauty products, preservative products and dietary supplements, but all we need to do is to utilize all the natural resources, which are abundantly available.

Plan your day as follows:

  • Have lukewarm water with lemon and honey empty stomach
  • Start yoga with pranayam followed by asanas
  • Make sure you have freshly squeezed juice of any fruit with your breakfast
  • Include dry fruits between your meals
  • If you are at work, distress yourself with green tea
  • Have a lot of salads with your meals
  • End your last meal with a cup of milk

If you follow these basic rules and provide your body what it needs, you won’t be requiring a doctor or medicines again.

Write-up by Kitchen Pops coordinate: Sonal

Happy Cooking!

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