Review: Let’s create an experience – Hokey Pokey Ice-Creams

Verry Verry Berry

The world is all about being cool and eating cool for the foodies! When we mean cool, the first thing we talk about is the delicious yummy Ice Creams. From the traditional Kwality Walls to the modern and different Hokey Pokey, Baskin Robins and Gelato Italiano, the trends have changed with the all new flavors and the yummy Sundays.

Innovative concept brought to India for the first time with wonderful cold stone mixing of the flavors is what Hockey Pockey is famous for. With the live display of mixing over a cold stone and serving you the yummiest of the flavors is what Hokey Pokey does for us. Moreover, in order to beat the heat, you can also get hold of these by Nature’s Basket, Modern Bazaar and a few other grocery stores. The flavor ranges from Double chocolate to Manic Monkey to the fruity delights. The lovable pack containing rich taste makes you go nuts! And the appreciating part is that it contains no added flavors or preservatives.

FullSizeRender_1An ice cream parlor with a brand strategy by Drums Food International Private Limited, started in Mumbai in the year 2008. The aim was to create the freedom of expression in order to experiment with the super premium ice-creams which uses pure buffalo milk. The idea is to give freedom to the customers to select their own flavors and create their own experience based ice-cream with the help of mixing them on a cold stone.

Hokey Pokey boasts of having the finest ingredients that are being sourced from their authentic roots like vanilla and coffee beans from Coorg, strawberry from Panchgani and so one.

Kitchen Pops was happy to get the opportunity to taste their lip-smacking ice creams. We tasted the following from their menu:

1) Double chocolate therapy

Double Chocolate Therapy
Double Chocolate Therapy

(Dark Chocolate Ice-cream with chocolate brownie, nutella and dark chocolate fudge) – The very first one we tasted was the most yummiest one I must say. With the rich flavor of chocolate and hazelnuts, this ice-cream was just lip-smacking. Priced at INR 119 for a single scoop and knock-out at INR 410, it is much more satisfactory than the expectations.

2) Verry Verry berry

(Swiss Strawberry Ice-cream with assorted fruit confiture, gummy fruits and rainbow sprinkles)  it is a must try for all the fruit lovers. Made from the purest and yummiest strawberries from Panchgani and jujubes, pressed well on the cold stone, the flavor of the berries takes you to a wonder-world. A gorgeous pink colored ice-cream topped with colorful jujubes, served in an in-house made cup-cones, make you just fall in love with the Hokey Pokey’s Very Very Berry.

3) Angel Apple Pie

Angel Apple Pie
Angel Apple Pie

( French Vanilla Ice cream with cracker biscuit and apple confiture) – Made specially for the apple pie lovers. The ice-cream is a blend of the apples and the cracker biscuits to give you the rich taste of apple pie along with the cold stone mixed vanilla ice-cream. You would not like this much if you are a chocolate or fruity person, but would surely love it if you are fond of sweet apple pie flavors.

4) Strawberry Cheesecake New York Style

(Strawberry cheesecake ice-cream with cracker biscuits and strawberry confiture) – with the changing trends from ice creams and baked cakes to no-bake cheesecakes, even Hokey Pokey makes sure to serve you with your latest cheesecake flavors. A different and yummy ice cream that gives the typical tasty flavor of a strawberry cheesecake in the form of a cold stone blended ice-cream.

5) Manic Monkey

Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream
Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream

(Chocolate temptation ice cream with crunchy praline, roasted almonds and white chocolate chips) – In case you want to eat more to satisfy your chocolate taste buds, then you can opt for Manic Monkey after Double Chocolate Therapy. A crunchy yet chocolaty, beautifully decorated as topped with white chocolate chips, Manic Monkey is something we just fell in love with.

6) Rockin’ Strawberry Shake priced at INR 89 from a small size and INR 129 for a large one. (Rich with strawberries, whipped with real ice-cream) – Strawberry flavored swirling shake would be loved by you if you prefer a little less of the sweetness. The quantity served in size small is appropriate for a quick drink. However, the taste of the shake needs a little improvement to make it loved by all.

7) Pure Gold Magic

(Creamy Mango Shake) – A swirling shake made with the fruit of the season, i.e. Mango, the shake is again good for the less sweet preferred customers. The quality of ingredients is really good, but the taste of the milk made us have a second thought for the same.

Manic Monkey
Manic Monkey

Kitchen Pops recommends:

  • Double Chocolate Therapy
  • Very Very Berry
  • Strawberry Cheese Cake
  • Manic Monkey

Overall, a great experience to taste their wonderful creations as cold stone blended Ice-creams. Located in the comfort of the Food Court floor of the Ambiance Mall, Gurgaon, Hokey Pokey claims to cool you in this summer season. With the cold stone slab which has the temperature maintained around ‘minus 22’ degrees is what makes them different from the others in the industry.

Happy Cooking!

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