Thai Festival at Sheraton Brigade Gateway, Bangalore

The Sheraton Brigade Gateway needs no introduction. It is one of the luxurious hotels that has set a benchmark in the hotel industry. Talk about the food festivals and it stands at par. The Thai Food Festival organized by Sheraton Brigade Gateway has grabbed all the eyeballs in the city.DSC_0033

Kitchen pops was invited at the Thai Food Festival. We were welcomed by the event organizers and the Fruit Symphony drink was perfect for the evening. The ambiance was well set and gave a complete feel of being in Thailand. The Thai ingredients were put on display along with various fruits and vegetables. And guess what? We were also given an opportunity to learn a recipe from the Thai cook. We opted for Som Tum salad and the feel was just awesome.

There were various cuisines ranging from salads, noodles, soups, breads, desserts, pastas, green curries and the delicious chocolates. The Kreen Krewan Nu (Thai Green Curry Tofu) was their signature dish among the veg cuisines. It was a blend of sweet and spicy taste that slightly reminded me of Gujarati food. The Tom Yun Tn – Lay (seafood soup) was rich of spices that spoke volumes about nutrients and the Thai culture. The aroma of lemon-grass just filled our nostrils and it did have an impact on the taste. We were also served the yummy margarita pizza that did fill our appetite.DSC_0032

The conversation with the Head Thai Chef was a great learning experience. He spoke about the spices they use, their staple food, the Jay festival in Thailand and their staple drinks. The Thai ingredients includes soy bean paste, Soy sauce, chilli & chilli powder, coconut milk, lemon grass, galangal root, coriander, ginger, kaffir lime leaves, and sweet Thai basil. During the Jay festival, people turn vegetarian and refrain from consuming any spices and food that possess a strong aroma and pungent odour.

The Thai Food festival had huge variants of desserts. We started with the authentic Kheer and Gulab jamuns, moved on to fruit pastries and then to flavoured ice-creams. Yes, we all had a sweet tooth and couldn’t control our cravings. The hospitality and the attention that we received from the staff members of Sheraton is worth a praise.

Kudos to the entire team and the event organizers!

Happy Cooking!

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