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The home delivery of food in Gurgaon is the trend since couple of years now. With the working couples and families, people today prefer not to carry the lunch-boxes but to order fresh food at their work places. From the traditional food to the fast foods like burgers and pizzas, today you get everything readily available to be delivered fresh at your place. But the culture and the population of Gurgaon is becoming more and more aware and conscious about their health and thus are preferring to eat healthy and stay fit.IMG_0082

With the highly set principles of serving organic, cholesterol free, low calorie and eco-friendly meals, Zaza Box is one of its own in the market. Innovated by IIT Bombay alumnus Avinav Nigam and his wife Sonal, the concept was born in their minds with the aim to provide healthy and guilt-free meals to people at the comfort of their homes and offices. Entering into the Gurgaon market is not an easy job, but having such an innovative healthy plan, will definitely make a difference for Zaza Box.  

It was inspirational to meet the people behind Zaza Box in one of the Zomato meets. The brave steps taken by them to come up with a concept of healthy food served at your doorstep has been something remarkable. With the promise to use organic ingredients and making sure that the meal leaves you guilt-free, Zaza Box left a mark on us in the tasting session. We found it really impressive that the founders have a lot more knowledge about the basic cooking and were really good in convincing on what they were offering.

Their magically created boxes are divided into 3 categories:

Power Snacks
Power Snacks
  1. Yogi Box i.e. an Indian Flavoured box
  2. Traveller’s Box i.e. something with a global cuisine
  3. Lean Box i.e. an artisan meal with low calories.

Together with these 3 boxes, Zaza Box also offers their special gluten free desserts, snack boxes and wellness drinks to go along the menu.

The healthy dishes we enjoyed trying were:

  1. Power Snacks
    1. Meaty Veggie Sausages were just for the non veg lovers to give them the flavours and feel of meat but ultimately eating something veg and healthy. These were created with transforming soya, but again the chilli as well as extra use of barbecue sauce kills the flavour of the sausages.
    2. Organic Baked Samosas these became our personal favourites as we loved the flavour and aroma of these samosas. These were well stuffed with nuts and healthy ingredients which don’t leave you with a greased tissue and fingers.
    3. Vietnamese Fruity Rice Paper Rolls – again something outstanding as these colourful rice paper rolls were really refreshing and were stuffed with fruits along with a mango salsa sauce to give it a yummy flavour
    4. Tandoori Tofu Skewers – beating the flavours of a normal paneer tikka, these tofu skewers were served on sticks along with coloured bell peppers to enhance the taste n feel.
    5. Glass Noddle Asian Salad – Innovating with the glass noodles to play as a salad on the nicely chosen platters was a cherry on the cake for the power snacks. Although they could have made it a little towards to sweet side but on the contrary, they were hot and quite chilly.

      Yogi Meal
      Yogi Meal
  1. Yogi Meal : Malai Kofta and Dal Makhani with Spinach Roti and Corn Rice – As said, this was a meal that featured the North Indian Preparations. We were served with a platter having the attractive looking malai kofta and dal makhani, served with spinach roti and corn rice. Malai Kofta could have been really appetizing if would have been a little more sweet as the traditional dish it is. The gravy of the dish had a perfect flavour and the koftas again were to the perfect stiffness. The dal makhani was really different and nice. The strong flavour of badi elaichi in the dal was easy to be discovered and was the main element adding to the aroma of the same. To talk about the brown rice, we have had them at a number of places but these ones, became ou personal favourite. The perfect combination of corns in them was adding to the health benefit and to the taste. The spinach roti was a perfect healthy green coloured roti without any oil and can easily be said as a substitute in our daily meals, to enable us to stay healthy! 
  1. Travellers Meal –
    1. Beetroot Sliders – A burger which is turned into a slider for us to taste it, was something we relished. In fact, we tried hands on the same in our kitchen as well. So healthy beetroot, converted to a tikki, been stuffed in a burger was like something healthy yet a fast food.

      Traveller's Meal
      Traveller’s Meal
    2. Mushroom Spinach Pot Pie – A freshly baked spinach pie with the perfect flavour of spinach and a perfect coating was this pot pie. Although the flavour of salt was a little high, but the neutral flavour of the pie and mushrooms took care of the same making it a desirable dish.

We were really impressed with the salad that was served along, consisting of rocket leaves and cherry tomatoes.

  1. Healthy Desserts –
    1. Guilt-free Mango Cheesecake – With a crunchy biscuit base which was actually made using oats and buckwheat to go with the smoothness and yummy flavour of the cheesecake which was actually prepared without the cheese was just so guilt-free! It was actually made with the help of coconut milk, cashew-nut and their secret ingredients.

      Mango Cheesecake
      Mango Cheesecake
    2. Fruit and Nuts parfait – Sadly, we really didn’t fall for this Fruit and Nut Parfait. This had a very attractive look as was served in a special glass jar, but unfortunately the taste was not matching the same attraction. The yoghurt used in the parfait was actually lacking the sweetness. Probably, a little more jiggery was required in this dish to match the Indian dessert definition.
    3. Brownie – The brownie was something we loved a lot. Cholesterol free, gluten free and dairy free brownie was something amazing for the chocolate lovers like us.IMG_0083
  1. Wellness Drinks
    1. Cold pressed Beetroot and Pomegranate Juice – The flavour of this natural cold pressed juice was to make you realise the healthy part and being no additional sugar added to the same.
    2. Shikanji Lemon Cooler – The sweetness of the traditional Indian drink was attained with the help of jaggery and brown sugar, rather than using the sugar.

Try out their everyday changing menu and you will be left with your tummy and cravings served with a gluten-free, organic, healthy meal!

Happy Cooking!

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