Easy Grocery Shopping with Peppertap!

When it comes to groceries for your kitchen, you think about a fixed day in the week when you will go to the grocery store to get whatever you want for the entire week. And what happens when in the middle of the week you need some capsicums or some fruits? You tend to get tensed and are forced to buy from the nearby expensive store. Apart from being expensive at this store, it is also the pain that you have to take to go to the place and pick your needful things. And in case you are amongst one of those working women, we can totally understand and relate to you!

How about checking out this new mobile app that is being launched in this tech-savvy world, especially to get you your groceries delivered at your doorstep without any hassles. And also the part to be happy about is, the prices are cheaper than the local grocery store and the grocery is fresh. Be it your veggies to fruits to pulses to masalas, which all you need to experiment in your cooking area, Peppertap, a Gurgaon based delivery app, offers you a great deal on all the products along with some day to day promotional discounts. What all you need to do is select and place the order from your android or iOS and get these delivered with cash on delivery option.

With the growing market and competition, we now have a number of such online grocery stores and mobile apps which promise you to serve the best. But each of them comes with a hamper of pros and cons. We were happy to be introduced to Peppertap and to the opportunity to try and review the same.


  1. Download the app Peppertap in your mobile phone
  2. You need to have the internet connection to use this app
  3. Select the various products you want to order from their categories like
    1. Popular,
    2. Fruits and Vegetables,
    3. Food & Drink,
    4. Breakfast & Dairy,
    5. Staples & Spices,
    6. Bath & Body,
    7. Home & Hygiene and
    8. Baby Needs
  4. After adding the items to the “basket” you move ahead and provide your shipping address
  5. Select the time bracket as to when you want the delivery
  6. Place the order and relax!IMG_0325

There are lovely benefits one can enjoy this service

  • It procures the groceries from your local grocery store like Garg Dastak which are renowned to have the best grocery in town, so you don’t have to worry of the quality
  • The cash on delivery feature is safe and sound
  • They have all the major grocery brands of all the categories
  • The moment you get the products, you still hold the option to decline to any of them and that gets deducted immediately from your bill amount
  • Anytime in future also you can see your e-bill in the app
  • Easy and user friendly
  • You can store more than 1 address for your convenience


  • You don’t get a printed bill for your orders
  • At times they declare the product shortage of your already ordered product and thus you don’t get that. In such cases, they should actively remove the product from the app saying not available rather than discovering this after the order is received.
  • The delivery often gets delayed from the time you have selected
  • You have to check orders actively when delivered as at times you might find some products missing while you are paying for them

The life becomes really easy and you don’t have to rush to the market every single day to pick something or the other. You can now simply place the order and sit back and relax with the surety of getting the highest quality premium grocery product. They don’t charge any delivery charges for orders above the value of INR 250, while a small amount of INR 50 is charged for orders with a value less than INR 250. So what are you waiting for, download the app today and start shopping your grocery.

Happy Cooking!

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