5 Reasons why you should have Sprouts!

Being on the best locally grown food, Sprouts is one of the most nutritious food you can have to serve your body. It is one food that is recommended as the best breakfast. Be it if you have a health problem or you want to reduce on the weight, sprouts are just the answer for you!

5 reasons for you to have sprouts are:sprouts

1. Sprouts have 100 times more enzymes as compared to raw fruits and vegetables. These are the special enzymes of proteins which help your body function in a better manner. It helps the body to respond more for extracting the vitamins, acids and minerals from the food you eat. Thus, building a nutrition block in your body.

2. Your body needs a good amount of fiber in order to function properly. The fiber content is high in the beans, nuts and seeds. Eating fiber helps you have a good digestive system as well as to lose weight. Fibers help you to get rid of the unwanted fats and toxins of your body in-turn making you healthier and light.

3. Sprouts help in increasing the vitamin content in a drastic amount. Especially Vitamin A, B-complex, vitamin E and vitamin C are the ones which you get in abundance from sprouts. The vitamin content of seeds and beans shoot up as more than 20 times when they are sprouted.

4. The energy level of the seeds, nuts, grains and beans is ignited when we soak and sprout them. The sprouts have alkalising action on the body which helps in curing and preventing illness like cancer as well.

5. The essential fatty acids in our body are also fulfilled by eating sprouts. What goes the most lacking in our body is the fats burning essential fats, which can be fulfilled with sprouts and help us have a better metabolism.

So what are you waiting for, soak and get the sprouts at your own place. The procedure of sprouting is very simple.

Soak the sprouts overnight, wash well next morning and out in a sieve covered by a plate for another night. And here you get the best and healthy sprouts for your healthy family!

Happy Cooking!

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