Welcome to The California Boulevard, such a lovely place!

Have been planning to visit this place since long and finally got a chance to visit it and enjoy their lovely ambiance over the yummylicious food. Built on the concept of the state of California, which is one of the famous places for boulevards, The California Boulevard (TCB) is for the Gurgaon people having experience!

Dilli Ki Chaat
Dilli Ki Chaat

Who can resist sitting on the lovely Harley Davidson parked outside the restaurant in the most stylish manner possible. A big thanks to Kanchan and Chef Surjeet for making us fall in love with this place.


Located conveniently at a 5 minutes walk-able distance from the IFFCO Chowk metro station, California Boulevard provides an easy reach to the people travelling from metro. Away from the hustle bustle of the Sector 29 market, the restaurant boasts a good parking space sharing it with Sandy’s and a wide entry as a stand alone outlet. The moment you reach, you can recognize the place with its bold lettered board plus a red Harley Davidson is waiting to welcome you. When you enter the place, you see a red tram shaped bar and walk of fame in form of star marked names of Hollywood.


Ambience & Hygiene

The ambiance is totally with the aim to take you back to the America era where you just see the stars around. The interior is chic and happening and is taking care well of the idea they are planning to portray. The seating and the entire ambiance links you back to any Hollywood top notch dining place making you feel elite. Modern décor with classic relaxing chairs, posters and screens showing the Hollywood big actors, Walk of Fame and the vintage feel makes you feel a part of Hollywood and American restaurant. With the seating spread to 2 floors and special party place arrangements, along with an open seating by a waterfall is what to die for! The waiters serve you with gloves on to make sure you are served with hygiene. The antique lampposts also add a cherry on the cake to give you the feel of vintage English restaurants.

Thai refresher
Thai refresher

Food Cuisine & Pricing

The menu curated and designed by Chef Karen Rawat and well taken care by Chef Surjeet, the place has a perfect set of food dishes served in perfectly clean and hygienic cutlery. Loved by families as a fine dining restaurant, the TCB is something for all. A place to enjoy with classical English music and to fall for the amazing America interior, TCB promises to offer something special to everyone. Another amazing fact about the place is that it offers more than 300 recipes from 30 countries for their customers.

We started our food journey at California Boulevard with the refreshing Green Apple and clove lemonade and a Thai refresher. The Green Apple drink is a wonderful combination of a spice mixed with a fruit, while the Thai refresher was as the name suggests, very refreshing!

We then went along with the choice of Chef to taste their signature dishes. And thus we were served the entire Vegetarian Platter consisting of a whole lot of yummy starters for us:

  • Mezze Mezze – the amazing Lebanese mezze platter with falafels and yummy dips
  • Bruschetta – Vegan Italian pesto and tomato bruschetta with a yummy ricotta cheese
  • Quesadilla – A tint of Mexican added to the platter with the help of the delicious Quesadillas.
  • Spanakopita cheese
  • Vegetable Dimsums – Chinese dish in the platter which are steamed & stuffed with veggies.IMG_0445
  • Vegetable Spring Rolls – Yet another Chinese authentic dish to the platter.
  • Dilli ki Chaat – It is their signature dish, which was an amazingly done crisp and yummy Palak Patta Chaat. The dish has spinach fritters, which is done beautifully by adding colors in the form of chutneys
  • Sushi Rolls – Adding the Japanese flavour with the avocado sushi rolls, this dish was very nice.
  • Crispy Vegetable Eal
  • Sushi paneer – It is another signature dish and a very innovative one for the Japanese lovers. It was a paneer sushi roll with a stuffing of mushrooms, mint and coriander inside. Crispy and yummy!

Apart from the platter, we were served Spaghetti pasta creamy cheese sauce keeping in mind a young guest along with us. The Spaghetti were tossed well with the creamy sauce and became the favourite to fill appetite for a 5 year old.

As the lovely drinks were just yummy, we gulped them down and thus ordered new ones for ourselves. This time we opted for Hollywood which is a Kesar and Badam milkshake and Chamomile and Passion Fruit Ice Tea. I must say that you can opt for any of their special drinks and we are sure you will fall in love with them!

Vegetable Mousakka
Vegetable Mousakka

Moving ahead with already full appetite, we were served with yet another round of delicious and delectable food Vegetable Mousakka in the form of main course. This was a dish which had rice bed topped with a vegetable curry. And is a must try!

To satisfy our sweet tooth, we got the special desserts by Chef Surjeet.

  • TCB Kulfi gazzak – Kulfi covered with chocolate coating which is melted on the table in front of you by heat. The crunchiness breaks the sweet flavor of the Kulfi making it a blend of Indian and International cuisine. And thus the name matches the served dish well! A must try!
  • Chocolate Bomb – A large balloon size chocolate bomb is kept in front of you and the moment some hot caramel sauce is poured over it, the bomb blasts, giving you a view of delectable chocolate brownies with a scoop of vanilla ice cream decorated with nuts. When asked the secret, Chef Surjeet told us that this is created with the help of inflating a balloon and dipping and freezing it in chocolate.

    Chocolate Bomb
    Chocolate Bomb
  • Baked New York Hazelneut Cheese Cake – A baked variety of cheesecakes with a yummy flavor of the international Hazelnut.

Kitchen Pops recommends:

  • Dilli ki Chaat
  • Sushi Paneer
  • Green Apple and Clove Drink
  • Vegetable Mousakka
  • Chocolate Bomb
  • Gazzak Kulfi

The food and the ambiance still makes us feel to visit the place again and again to try their yummy dishes and have the wonderful experience. Plan your next family outing to California Boulevard to have a memorable experience.

Happy Cooking!

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