Let’s grow our veggies to cook!

It gets so exciting for someone who loves cooking, to grow their own organic veggies and to have an organic kitchen garden with all your needy veggies of the season like tomatoes, chilies, bitter gourd, brinjal, along with the great flavors of herbs.20151116215450

I got lucky to get in touch with some great kitchen gardening experts to help me start with this. And here I go, with some great veggies, straight from my garden.

kapoor tulsiStarted with the idea when I joined one of the Facebook groups and found some of my friends already growing lovely veggies in pots to have wonderful looking kitchen gardens. Touched by the same, the idea kept rolling in my mind and came out one fine day when I went and brought five little saplings of tomatoes, brinjals and chilies. What came next was a gift from a friend, seeds of lovely veggies like bitter-guard, tomatoes, brinjals and bell peppers.

Never knew that apart from cooking these veggies, I will fall in love with growing them as well all by my own. It feels so great and the feeling of creating something and taking care of these small-small saplings from seeds. Spreading the happiness with the help of providing these to all the green lovers is what manifolds my happiness.

Never knew that after the books, my next friends will be my lovely plants whom I can talk and stare day and night. Mornings now seem to be incomplete if I don’t meet them and water them with a smile. And in return, they gift me with beautiful harvests of fruits and veggies.20151026211631

The life now seems to be so different and green! The idea of spreading  love and greenery is what now makes me believe that plants are a wonderful gift anyone can be gifted. You cannot gift your kid, but yes, you can gift a plant which again is like a kid especially if you have grown it from seeds on your own. And the fruits and veggies you eat from your kitchen garden is the real fruit of your love and affection to these plants.

Stop wondering and step forward. You can grow them in your small apartments as well in pots. And have loads of greenery, freshness, and happiness around!

Green Ur Dreams today!

Happy Cooking!

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