Why should Delhi have all the fun with Warehouse Cafe!

The Central Delhi’s most favorite cool place Warehouse Café, steps in Gurgaon. Located in the heart of the food market at Sector 29, the place compliments its name with double level seating and an attractive roulette table to welcome you at the entrance.1

The moment you enter the place, you understand that the place has a totally different dimension to life with industrial yet chic ambiance with the focus on the guests and a centrally situated bar. The basement seating is the perfect ones to save you from a chilly day and to be in a warm and cozy place.

To suggest those who haven’t visited Warehouse Café Gurgaon yet, it is a place you must experience in order to understand the ambiance, the lovely food and the reason why it is always packed! Be it you visit them over a lunch or for a coffee with friends or even for dinner, the place welcomes you and the DJ at night invites you to loosen yourself to the beats and to the yummy food.

IMG_1716The moment we made ourselves comfortable in the luxurious sofa table, we were greeted with a bottle of water and an innovative calendar themed menu. The menu was done with the innovation of the 30-31 dishes as per the dates in the month for any particular section. Be it for the soups, salads, appetizers, main and even the desserts!

With such a wide range of choices to choose from, we decided to go for a Basil, Cucumber Lemonade along with the Hawaiian Veg Salad and Dahi Kebab. The lemonade was very much fresh and refreshing and to compliment the same, was the Pineapple flavored Vegetarian Salad which was a perfect combination of the veggies in the sauce. The Kebab was served steaming hot along with the mint dip and the moment we wolfed it down, it melted in the mouth to the feeling of picture-perfect.  IMG_1714

With the light and soothing music of the afternoon, we went on talking and admiring the beauty of the place. Every wall is done so beautifully to give you an out of the world experience and to make you so disconnected from the outer world to fall in love again with the place. The menu comprises of various cuisines and the choices are just amazing.

In the mains, we chose their love Veg Enchiladas along with the Veg Stroganoff. The stroganoff has the mushroom sauce flavored veggies served on the bed of steamed rice. The first spoon took us to the feeling of being pampered by the tasty offerings. The Enchiladas on the other hand also had the right blend of spices and veggies. The meal came to a sweet end with a warm apple crumble served with ice cream. For the sweet tooth like us, we were also served with the Chocolate Brownie, Phirni and chocolate mousse. But we just fell in love with their apple crumble over others as it was crispy with a pinch of spice and was clubbed with all-time favorite vanilla scoop.IMG_1705

The staff carries pleasing personalities and the hygiene factor is well taken care of. The place takes care of you well to make sure of having an industrial lovely experience of the food as well as the service to make your visit a flawless one. Thanks Veta for giving us the opportunity! 

Kitchen Pops recommends:

  • Dahi Kebabs
  • Veg Stroganoff
  • Apple Crumble with Ice cream

Where – Warehouse Café-, Plot 11-12, Ground Floor, Sec 29, Gurgaon.


Coverage & Review By: Priyanka

Pics By: Priyanka
Email Id: kitchenpops@gmail.com

Happy Cooking!

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