What’s your cup of tea? – The Wishing Chair

When it comes to selecting a perfect cup of tea for yourself, you see a wide variety of options to choose from. Starting from the Indian classic tea to the so famous Green Tea, to the not so famous Black tea, you have a huge variety to satisfy your taste buds.IMG_1720

Recently, one of our favourite stores, The Wishing Chair and its café “The Mad Teapot Cafe”, organized a Tea Tasting Session with the brand Cappazu for all the Tea lovers. The event started around 3:30pm on a Saturday evening, which is just the perfect time on a weekend day to sit back and relax and learn a lot more new things about your favourite Beverage – TEA!

The session started with a quick intro of the lovely set of participants who were from various walks of life. Interestingly, we even saw some mothers and daughters coming together who gel well over their cup of tea in the evenings. We also had a professional Tea Tasting Gentleman, along with a few youngsters who were at the age of 16.

IMG_1721With this gathering of 22 tea lovers, the place was beautifully decorated with hand crafted names in cute little transparent glass bottles. To help us learn a lot more about tea and its technicalities, we had Mr. Jha from Cappazu, who was the tea technologist.

The entire concept of tasting various teas along with the food was just a perfect combination. The tea-tasting started with the mild Green tea, followed by White tea and Oolong tea. White and green teas are lesser oxidized and thus are better for the health for using them as anti-oxidants, as compared with Black and Oolong tea.

To our surprise, we got to know that all the types of teas come from the same tea plant named Camellia Sinensis. Tea is judged with the flushes of the year. 1st flush lasts from the end of February to end of April and is generally the time of people in Germany and France. 2nd Flush lasts from May to July and is the time of people in Japan to have tea. 3rd flush period is the period where the least good quality of tea and it lasts till September end. IMG_1724

To quickly share the facts: 

1.      Green Tea – Zero oxidation tea, which is brewed for 1- 1.5 mins.

2.      Oolong Tea – This was light orange and purple colored tea, which is brewed for 2-2.5 mins. The dry leaves of this tea have a shade of purple color.

3.      White Tea – It is one of the most expensive teas which are created from the buds of tea leaves. This is generally available at around INR 25000-30000 per kg.

4.      Black Tea – This is the strongest tea, which is quite filling and a little heavy. And you might find it little bitter in taste. 

All the Darjeeling teas are infused on an average for 3 minutes to have the perfect cup of tea.  

So what are you waiting for, get your favorite cup of tea at The Mad Teapot Cafe, only at The Wishing Chair with wonderful tea cakes, sandwiches, salads along with your lovely tea. 

Where: The Tea Pot, The Wishing Chair, South Point Mall, Gurgaon 

Coverage & Review By: Priyanka

Pics By: Priyanka
Email Id: kitchenpops@gmail.com

Happy Cooking!

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