The perfect place for satisfying your Cantonese taste buds – Yauatcha!

Love for the food and especially the Cantonese cuisine pulled us to visit the perfect Cantonese restaurant Yauatcha. Being a Michelin Star Cantonese Restaurant, the place has the dim sums as the specialty. Yauatcha started its journey in 2004 in London and since then there has not been a look back for them.IMG_1769

Situated in the peaceful corner on 2nd Level, Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj, Yauatcha welcomes you to dip your taste buds in lovely Chinese and Cantonese food. The moment you enter the place, you find a large seating area with around 200 seatings, spread around a huge central bar shining with bottles. The ambiance of the restaurant is complimenting the cuisine along with the soothing interiors of wood panels on the walls, silver gray upholstery to make it all the more elegant. The music also is just perfect on the tracks as well as the volume to allow you to strike a conversation and hear the numbers as well. To our amazement, the place has 44 varieties of dim sums to choose from including the steamed, pan-fried, and baked and Cheung.

We were offered a corner, comfortable setting where we were greeted by the manager and were handed over the menu. The new fixed menu had the option to choose one each from the appetizers, and main course along with the Chef’s special dessert platter. The best part we found about the place was the well-educated stewards who had the full knowledge of what they were serving us. Also, the timely food service which is one of the most important factors for any restaurant to please its guests along with the food taste and quality were heart-taking.

We chose to go by the recommendations of the staff. Within a few minutes, we were presented with condiments which were the pickled veggies along with the 2 sauces as the burnt chilli and mixed chilli. And with no long wait, the appetizers/starters also came to our table.

Special menu which is INR 1500 all-inclusive per guest was what we chose for the day!

Mix Salad with Lotus Roots

We started our food tasting journey with the Mixed salad with lotus roots. There are very less number of places which actually serve the lotus root salads and this was the best we ever had. To complement our salad, we ordered Sweet Corn soup out of the fixed menu. Trust us, if you have never had their sweet corn soup, then we strongly suggest you to try it and we are sure, you will fall in love with it.

  • Next we started with our Appetizers where we selected 2 steamed dim sums as
    • Vegetable Crystal Dumpling – Well selected vegetables stuffed to make a crystal dumpling, the dish was just delicious. With a perfect amount of chilli and well-stuffed veggies, the dumplings took our heart.
    • Vegetable poached Peking dumpling – Another great dumplings, steamed and served by Yauatcha as their specialty. With the innovation of being served in a bowl and that too when dipped in mushroom sauce, the dumplings were spicy and delectable.

      Turnip cake with vegetables
  • We were then served with their other part of specialty i.e. Fried/Pan Fried/ baked Dim Sums. In this, we opted for their attractive looking Fried turnip cake with vegetables. We had this for the first time and to our surprise, we were not able to make out what it was made of. When asked the steward, we were informed that it is made with carrot and other veggies topped with crispy flakes.
  • For the main course, we chose 2 stir fry dishes,
    Stir-fry French beans with Shiitake Mushrooms
    • Stir-fry French beans with Shiitake Mushrooms – French Beans with chopped shiitake mushrooms stir-fried with sauce. We are not a big fan of shiitake mushrooms, but this dish was exceptional. It was more like the stir fried salads we eat.
    • Szechuan Mabo Tofu – Tofu with lots of vegetables, served with Szechuan sauce to be a perfect combination with the rice and noodles.
  • Rice & Noodles
    • Stir Fried Udon noodles in black pepper sauce – Exotic, different, crispy and tasty are the 4 words we will definitely mark with these noodles. So much different from the normal Hakka noodles, Udon noodles in black pepper sauce were delicious.
    • Spicy Vegetable Fried Rice with Taro root – Fried rice with vegetables in it. We found these pretty good, but a little more vegetables could have made them just perfect.
  • Chef’s Special Dessert Platter – to our surprise, we were presented Mango Mascarpone Gateau and Chocolate Mousse with Litchi Sorbet. We were so tempted with the presentation and the taste just took our hearts. We actually kept eating till the last bite of these desserts.

With their new set menu meal of INR 1500++ per head, the place seems to be booked considering its steep pricing. A special thank you to Vibhuti Sood and Red Door Luxury Media!

Review By: Priyanka

Pics By: Priyanka
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