Let’s start our ride @ The Biker’s Cafe

If you are the one who loves riding a bike and has that toughness in you, then The Biker’s café is the place for you! With the rough looking ambiance with 3-4 types of different comfortable seating, from high chairs to lounge couches, to straight chairs to outdoor seating, they have it all for you.IMG_2153

After getting successful in Vasant Kunj, Delhi, The Biker’s Café stepped in Gurgaon 1.5 months back. Being the very first café with the theme of Bikers in Gurgaon, we are sure that the place is gonna be loved by people of all walks of life.  

The sight and ride of Harley and other super bikes, with an excellent taste of the food, together with well suited the music and the smiling stewards and hospitality is what The Biker’s Café is about.

As soon as you reach the café, there stands a superb Harley to welcome you to the place. And the moment you enter inside, you are in a Biker’s world, where you will find, cool centrally located bar and the various seating. The café is accessorized with the biker’s lover like cool helmets etc.

IMG_2159The menu itself is so bikey, that we well in love with it! We started our bike ride with their Lovely Smoked Tomato Soup – packed with fresh flavours for instant rejuvenation. The soup was served with yummy cheesy garlic breads. The taste of smoked tomato soup was just the perfect for a winter afternoon.  Soon, before we could gather ourselves back from the taste of the soup, we were presented with Bikers Salad Kick Ass Platter with a combination of 4 salads including the Greek salad and beet-root salad, served with baked flat garlic oregano breads. Salads are our favorites and thus missing this one was not at all possible. With the veggies all over, mixed with different sauces to give them a wonderful flavor without cooking them is what salads are.

Our bike, then shifted a gear and took us to the servings of their One –Kick Starters. We opted for 3 of their bestsellers and totally agreed with them to call them so!IMG_2157

  • Paneer Makhani Kebabs – We personally fell in love with these ones. Paneer pieces sautéed and stuffed with nuts and stuffing and then grilled and then laid on the bed of red Makhani sauce. One of its own kinds, this dish was appetizing for us! The flavor of mint and dry fruits stuffed inside gave it an Indianized flavor to suit our tastebuds.
  • Rajma & Anjeer Ke Galouti Canapes – The combination itself made it differ from the normal galouti kebabs and left us surprised by the innovative use of the figs.
  • Big Ol’Nachos – Baked with passion and served with pride, the nachos were perfectly made and served with the cheese and salsa on the top.

The next stop on our ride was on the Sandwich section of The Biker’s Café. We were served with 2 types of their sandwiches – Italian Aubergine and Triple Cheese Melt and Mush N’ Chip Butty sandwich. The Italian Aubergine and triple cheese melt sandwich was an open sandwich where the grilled Aubergine was spread along with the tomato sauce, fresh basil leaves and were topped with 3 types of cheese – mozzarella, cheddar and Parmesan. It tasted very yummy and seems to be a healthy mix for the kids as well. Mush N’ Chip Butty Sandwich, got its origin from North England. With the combination of salted potato chips, mushrooms with ketchup and brown sauce and baked with cheese; the sandwich will be liked by the mushroom lovers.IMG_2170

Although, we were full by this time, but the head chef of The Biker’s Café, Chef Mustafa wanted us to taste one of their main-course dishes. We were served with Morrocan Tajine. With the exotic flavors of Marrakesh, the dish was a combination of vegetables sauted in spicy harissa sauce and served with couscous. The vegetables were carefully selected and cooked to make sure that the flavor remains in them and the couscous was also cooked perfectly. It was a Morrocan flavored dish in an Indian version for people who love eating Sabzi with rice as their main course.

Then came the dessert for the sweet tooth like us – Apple and Blueberry Crumble with Ice Cream. A flawless delectable apple pie with blueberry compote and ice cream was to make your bike ride a great memory for a lifetime. The last stop took our heart away and made me promise to visit the place shortly to ask them for another portion of the same.

We are sure that the yumminess of the food at The Biker’s café will leave you to fall in love for it!

Interior and Deco: 4.5/5 
Ambiance: 4.5/5
Food: 5/5 
Cleanliness: 4.5/5
Staff: 4.5/5

Happy Cooking!

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