The Art of Science to the taste – MOLECULE!

Molecule is all about applying your science lessons to create smoky hues and lemon foam as molecular gastronomy. Taking the art of nitrogen gastronomy to a totally new level, Molecule is a place to bookmark for your lovely relishing food served innovatively.IMG_2249

With the lessons of theatrics and creating the smokes, the recipes are innovated at Molecule to serve you the best! With the creative minded owners Varun Puri, Manish Sharma and Vivek Bhargava, the place is just the perfect one to fall in love with. Chef Piyush Jain and Chef Vishal Kochar are the talented chefs to take care of the research and to find the suitability of the use of nitrogen in our daily food in order to innovate with the dishes at Molecule.

We went to the place on a Saturday evening and with no surprise, to see the place fully packed and people falling in love with the food and were grooving to the music.IMG_2257

The place takes its ambiance inspired by Adolf Hitler’s Evil chemistry lab. The café has 2 floors with once being the indoor seating while the other being the open sky seating. The wonderfully chosen place for the lovely mask known as Face of Molecule and the handguns hung on the wall adds to the interiors. The Menu Card for the place is done with the theme of Second World War and the stewards are dressed as in they are coming from the military. The place is packed in the evenings with live bands playing the lovely music to make the place lively.

Every meal the war-themed place starts with the Mushroom Cappuccino with pesto lavash served on a smoking mini war truck. Our war joIMG_2261urney then started with the Air Breads and Dragon Popcorns. The masala popcorns served in a pineapple-shaped dish, which when eaten, made us smoke through our mouth and nose to become a dragon. The Air bread was cheese stuffed cushion shaped lovely little bread topped with Paneer tikka pieces. These were super light starters which helps you start your food journey in a perfect manner. Moving ahead, we tried the Gol Gappa Shots served on a wooden platter with colorful golgappa water in the test tubes. The paani were of different flavours like pineapple, orange, cola etc. And the filling for the gol gappas were served in the small cute pressure cooker.

To go along with the lovely starters, we opted for the Strawberry Cinnamon mocktail and the Hot Apple Cider Drink. Both the mocktails were very nice. We then ordered for the special Maggi in Red Sauce and Pao Bhaji Fondue which again were innovatively served and tasted yummy!

And last but the most attractive one was when Chef Piyush prepared a special tokri chaat LIVE for us on the table!

Kitchen Pops Recommends:

  • Dragon Popcorn
  • Pao Bhaji Fondue
  • Apple Cider warm Drink
  • Air bread
  • Maggi in Red or White Sauce

#kitchenpopstip:   Don’t forget to try their strawberry candy floss which they serve between the meals as a palate cleanser. Also, their in-house brewery is to be operational shortly to serve 4 kinds of German beer!

Where: SCO 53, 4th Floor, Sector 29, Gurgaon

Nearest Metro Station: IFFCO Chowk

Contact: +91 8826677705

Price: INR 1,200 for two {approx.}

Timings: 12pm – 12am

Happy Cooking!

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