Food Home Delivery Service: Twigly

Another great food website doing yummy food home delivery joins the race with their innovative different name Twigly. With an amazingly conceptualised website, with the soothing colours, beautiful pictures and description of every food on the menu, Twigly wants to make sure that their customers are aware of what they are eating.


Selecting and ordering was a little tough when we used the mobile website, but we were finally able to select some of their delicious looking dishes.

  1. Hummus & Peas Patty sandwich (150) – A sandwich is made with freshly baked bread, accompanied by special Little Heart biscuits and a ketchup pouch. The stuffing of hummus layer and a peas patty gave it a lovely flavour. The 2 pieces of the sandwich priced at Rs 150 are good enough portion.
  2. IMG_3030Combo: Pesto, Sun-dried Tomato, Paneer, and Salad & Shake of the Day (245) – The combo comes with a blueberry shake as the shake of the day. The sandwich was a single portion sandwich and the salad was just amazing. The salad served in this combo was made of sugar, potato and sprouts, which is a totally uncommon but yummy combination. We believe that they can launch it as a standalone salad as well. To talk about the sun-dried tomato and Paneer sandwich, honestly, we didn’t like it much as it didn’t meet the expectations of what it should have. We kept searching for the sun dried tomatoes in the sandwich as what all we found was a thick layer of fresh tomatoes, and the size of paneer inside the sandwich was not even covering half of the bread.
  3. Bocconcini, Olive Tapenade & Pesto Sandwich (200) – Looking at the taste, we found this sandwich slightly overpriced. Pesto sauce and different stuffing to make it taste totally different than their other sandwiches, served with 2 pieces of Little Heart biscuits and ketchup.
  4. Falafel, Hummus & Pita (150) – Being our all-time favourite, we tried this and were happy to do so! Fresh Hummus, freshly baked Pita bread and less oil falafel.
  5. Penne Alfredo with Vegetables (150) – White sauce pasta with vegetables and a perfect flavour of the sauce. We are very particular about the taste of the pasta and we really fell in love with the Twigly’s Penne pasta. Great dish!IMG_3038
  6. Size Zero Salad (175) – For the health conscious people, Twigly suggests Size Zero Salad which is a combination of various veggies with a very light sauce to make you turn size zero very soon
  7. Blueberry Brain freezer milkshake (99) – the milkshake was nice, but we believe that Twigly can work more on its packaging as it didn’t look that attractive and thus can be surpassed by the customers.
  8. New York Cheese Cake (75) – Having egg in it made it taste creamier and sweeter, but looking at the price, it is a perfect steal.IMG_3031

Food reaches you within 45 minutes of your ordering and the menu keeps changing with the focus on the global cuisine. They have their kitchen in DLF Phase 1 and the entire menu is cooked by their professional chefs by making sure of the hygiene factor and the flavours. The packaging again plays a major role in home delivery services and Twigly makes sure that the packaging they provide keeps the food warm and fresh. Their packaging makes sure that there is no leakage.

Kitchen Pops Recommends:

  1. Combo: Pesto, Sun-dried Tomato, Paneer, and Salad & Shake of the Day – for the salad
  2. Penne Alfredo with Vegetables
  3. Size Zero Salad
  4. New York Cheese Cake

Overall, Twigly pays the main emphasis on the food they serve and makes sure that their customers are happy and satisfied.

To find out more about Twigly, check out their website here.

Happy Cooking!

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