The Westin Car Rally

The best way to celebrate our Valentine’s Day this year was with Westin Group. A 100-kilometer route Navigation Drive starts from Westin Gurgaon till Westin Spa Sohna was a different experience. The drive based on the TSD (Time Speed Distance) Concept made us drive at a particular speed to reach the venue at a stipulated time. It was not a race, and thus, even if we reach before time, it would not have been counted as a winning situation.7

We were expected to maintain precise time with the help of speed given for various segments of a predefined route. We were given a navigation manual for the same.

We started our day with a special breakfast organized at the Westin Gurgaon post which our cars were flagged off one by one from the venue to start the journey to reach the final destination Westin Spa, Sohna, taking the prescribed route. Once we reached the final venue, we were greeted with a sumptuous spread lunch buffet.

When we arrived at the venue, Team InCarNation members greeted us at Valet desk where they took our car keys to preparing our car with the car timing device and stickers. After which, they lined up our car in the dedicated lanes for the event.12741995_916876525028380_5889888866611428550_n

We started at around 9:45am with one-minute intervals in all the cars to reach the final destination, however, we were also given a practice route before the actual drive.

Thanks to the Westin Group for making our day so different!

Happy Cooking!

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