Yummy Dimsums at Dimsum Bros, Ambiance Mall, Gurgaon

Located at the centre of the big shopping place Ambiance Mall, Dim Sum Bros. is one of our favourite Chinese Food places. Even being an all-day dining Chinese restaurant, they make sure that the quality of food is just the perfect round the day. The varieties of dim sums are to fall in love with, especially, the kind of options they have in vegetarian is remarkable.IMG_2750

Greeted well by the manager Mr. Dinesh, we were happy to be at the restaurant to satisfy our taste buds with something delicious. The place has a seating for 98 pax and is a fine-dining restaurant, along with some lounge seating. Their wonderful clean, open kitchen with glass walls gives the guests a clear view of the cooking.

We started our food journey with the recommendations of the chef to opt for Vegetarian soup. The soup had a good number of vegetables in it and tasted wonderful. They have a unique concept where you choose the baskets as four, six or eight of the dim sums from their wide choices of premium, steamed, baked, fried or pan-fried. 

We then started our food tasting with their famous dim sums: –

  • Chinese pickled veg with homemade vinegarIMG_2742
  • Veg and enoki mushroom Sui Mai
  • Crystal veg dumpling
  • Chimichanga roll
  • Veg Chinese Pizza
  • Spicy four season dumpling
  • Thai Asparagus spicy dumpling
  • Chives and Waterchesnut
  • Custard Corn Bun

I must say the dim sums are out of the world and no place nearby can beat the flavour of Dim sum Bros. Especially the best sellers which also became our favourites i.e. Chimichanga roll, Veg Chinese pizza and Custard Corn Bun, which was in a shape of a mouse with sweet custard n bun stuffing.  Be it their steamed dim sums or the fried ones, each and every variety leaves a mark in your mind and a taste to come back to in your heart.

In the Main Course, we tried their Veg Hot Bean Sauce with sticky rice. Sticky rice is itself a dish that makes Dim Sum Bros. Stand out because it is a dish that comes out totally perfect only at Dim Sum Bros.IMG_2745

We also tried one of their recommended mocktail, Mountain Orange which was very refreshing and had a perfect blend of orange juice and fizz in it.

Not to forget, their condiments on the table needs special mention as we are just in love with their masala peanuts and the two sauces along.

Then it was time to have the desserts:IMG_2756

  1. Chocolate Sesame ball – their in-house dessert. A sesame ball with an inside coating of sticky rice and chocolate was just wonderful and different. However, it can become a perfect dish if they serve it along with ice cream as after 2-3 bites you tend to find it a little dry.
  2. German Apple Crumble – apple pie in their Chinese way makes it all the more special. Served with vanilla ice cream, it is a perfect desert after a sumptuous meal of Chinese food.

Dim sum Bros is a venture by the same group who owns the fast food Chinese chain Yo! China. But with both of them being totally different models, Dim Sum Bros takes your heart with their lovely ambiance, yummy food and courteous staff.

Happy Cooking!

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