The Banta & Gola Festival @ the Ancient Barbeque, Sohna Road, Gurgaon

The reds, the yellows, the oranges and the pinks,

Attracts your heart to dip yourself in these yummylicious drinks…

The barf ka Golas tempt you all the more,

But, Ram Laddoo and Vada-Pav are also there to explore!


It becomes necessary to stay hydrated during the summers and the best way is to have the love for water based drinks and foods. The Ancient Barbeque brings you the idea for staying hydrated along with having their lovely food spread.

The stands of Banta & Gola at The Ancient Barbeque, gives you the feel and the taste of those traditional tempting roadside thela counters but also makes sure to maintain the hygiene.  IMG_3922

The lovely food spread with on the table live grill makes it more interesting and adds up to the reason why the place is so loved by foodies like us. With an amazing soothing ambiance and families enjoying their time, the place is so welcoming.

We took a table at one of the peaceful corners of the place and started our journey with ordering a special narangi Banta. With the flavors of orange and the traditional Banta, it was totally refreshing.  We also ordered a portion of ram Laddoo which was well prepared and served in a disposable traditional dona garnished with radish and mint chutney. 

The next to our table were a platter of different bantas like the kala khatta, jal jeera, pan pasand and ghundi banta along with one of our favourites vada pav  in two different flavours i.e. Oatmeal vadapav making it a healthy way and the other is the traditional Aloo Bonda vada Pav. The garlic dip served along the Veda Pav shall not be missed to be mentioned about.

All these are included in your normal meal package and the festival will continue till 30th April to welcome the summers with a chilling banta & gola. And a special mention to the out of the menu creation by Chef Ashish for us was the Gol Gappa Paani banta.IMG_3904

A very special thank you to Co-owner and Chef Ashish Massey; the co-owner Nikhil Sangwan and our lovely friend and PR Neha Bahl from Qube Communication, for giving us the opportunity to be a part of it.

The packages start from INR 499+ taxes.

Where: The Ancient Barbeque, Good Earth City Centre, Sohna Road, Gurgaon.

Happy Cooking!

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