Mother’s Day Special: Recipes from Barbeque Nations

Mother’s day is right around the corner and here’s a perfect way to impress mommy dearest. This mother’s day, Chef Ashish Rai, Culinary Head, Barbeque Nation gives us tips to put together a meal that is delicious, flavourful and perfect for summer.
We have vivid memories of our parents ensuring we ate our fruits and vegetables. During summers, these dos and don’ts were stretched further. Chef Ashish encourages us to add an unusual twist to the usual ingredients which were reinforced into our diets by our caring mothers.
Here’s four ingredients ideal for summer and how to pair them perfectly to make her Mother’s Day extra special this year!

Curd: unnamed

Curd is one of the finest cooling agents for summer and there are several ways to include it in a meal. Move away from the usual dahi bhallas and chaats and use hung curd in the quirkiest way this time. Chef recommends Dahi ke kebab made using hung curd, green chillies and basic seasoning. Golden brown kebabs, served with green mint chutney are a winning pairing to impress your mother. These kebabs are succulent, scrumptious and healthy; a great way to start a summer inspired meal.


Muskmelons are high in water content and help you stay hydrated amidst the heat. This fruit has a very distinct taste and pairs very well with desserts. Chef recommends a Muskmelon Phirneewhipped up using muskmelon, rice flakes, jaggery, saffron and coconut milk. A spoonful of this decadent dessert and it’s on its way to becoming the next summertime staple.unnamed (1)


In our country, mangoes are synonymous with summers. While mangoes have been the highlight of summers growing up, Chef suggests a mocktail your mom is yet to try. Aamras mocktail is made by mixing pieces of mango pickle, mixed fruit juice, lime juice and a dash of chaat masala. This spicy and tangy mocktail is the perfect finish to this flavour trail carved for your supermom. unnamed (2)

This Mother’s Day, cook her a great meal and give her the day of relaxation she deserves. Get inspired, add your personal touch and make it a memorable day for the special lady. Also, do not forget the flowers!

(Inputs by Barbeque Nation Hospitality Ltd.)

Happy Cooking!

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