The days can never be good without a cup of hot coffee – with Costa Coffee

“A cup of coffee can help you to think,

A cup of coffee can help not to blink…

It refreshes you when you are exhausted,

A cup of coffee is a must when a party is hosted!”

FullSizeRender_3I am sure all the coffee lovers will agree with us on this. A brewed drink made of coffee beans and milk to give you a distinct aroma and flavor is what a coffee is. Discovered in Southern Arabia, where initially the coffee beans were eaten, slowly, coffee became a favorite worldwide.

Costa Coffee, a multinational coffee house company, with its headquarters in Dunstable, UK, is one of the best serving coffee brands in the country. Founded in 1971 in London by 2 brothers and later taken care by white-bread, Costa Coffee is a well spread chain with the targets of opening a huge number of new outlets in India in the year 2015.

We happen to visit one of the Costa Coffee outlets located at the Ambience Mall, Gurgaon. The outlet is located on the food court floor nearby to the elevator. It is an easy to reach for a coffee along with some bites to relax your senses when you get tired of shopping in the mall. The outlet is well-lit and the tables are well set in the area to do the walking as well as sitting very comfortable.

Sticky Toffee Latte

Serving the world’s finest coffee along with some quick bites like the sandwiches, wraps and muffins, Costa Coffee make you feel at the most appropriate place, be it you are with your client, your friends or your loved ones. The moment you walk-in the Costa outlet, you are welcomed by a warm, but yet loud greeting by the staff of the cafe. It has a lot of variety for both vegetarians as well as non vegetarians in the form of sandwiches and rolls. The variety of their coffee is just out of the box. Combining the unique coffee flavours along with the different food much-ons and that too served with loved and smiling faces of the professionally trained staff, is what Costa Coffee is.

Strawberry White chocolate temptation cake

We were welcomed with the polite smile and a table to have a seat by the Area Manager Mr. Shashikant Joshi. Costa has recently added 3 beverages, i.e. the Sticky Toffee Latte, Salted Caramel Latte and the Hot Spiced Apple in their menu especially for the winter season. All the 3 looked so attractive that we landed in ordering the Sticky Toffee Latte and Hot Spiced Apple. The sticky Toffee Latte was much different than a cappuccino and having it in the winters was just a blessing. A hint of toffee making it a little sweet with the froth and the aroma of a coffee is a perfect combination for the coffee lovers.  While the Hot Spiced Apple was a cinnamon flavored Apple drink, which was again just perfect for the weather as well as for refreshing the tired shoppers. Moving ahead to have their snack food with our coffees, we opted for the Paneer Wrap, Texan Potato Corn Sandwich along with the Cinnamon Date Muffin. Served hot with love was what Costa keeps in mind. The Paneer wrap was as per the suit of the Indian flavors as it was chatpata as well as authentic to make a perfect mix of the flavors to be served in a multinational chain.  To talk about the Texan Potato Corn Sandwich, it was freshly stuffed multigrain bread with the filling and was warmed to the appropriate level to make us just dig into it till the last piece. The Cinnamon Date muffin was again something tempting was the moment we used a knife to break it into pieces, the softness and the fluffiness made it cut into pieces keeping the texture and the aroma of cinnamon alive.

Cinnamon Date Muffin
Cinnamon Date Muffin

The flavors of these muffins were just a heaven on earth.

We ended our food tasting with the new launch Strawberry White Chocolate Temptation Cake which was done on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. A perfect combination to give a soothing baby pink color was the flavors of white chocolate and strawberry with an appropriate quantity of sweetness and a fluffy cake inside. Served with 2 chocolate hearts on the top to depict the celebration of the day of love was what Costa Coffee had in store for all the lovers.

If we talk about the pricing:

  1. Classic Cooler (Small) – An ice blended cold coffee priced at INR 180
  2. Hot Spiced Apple(Regular) – A hot spicy cinnamon flavoured apple drink which tasted similar to kashmiri kawah was priced as INR 220
  3. Sticky Toffee Latte (Regular) – A perfect blend of toffee flavors with the rich coffee was priced at INR 200
  4. Salted Caramel Latte (Regular) – Another new addition to the menu which was a latte with an addition of Caramel into it was priced at INR 200
  5. Cinnamon date muffin – A hot unique cinnamon aroma mixed with dates in a chocolate muffin. Priced at INR 125

    Texan Potato corn Sandwich
  6. Paneer wrap – A filling dish with the Indianized flavours of paneer. Priced at INR 152
  7. Texan Potato corn Sandwich – A perfect combination to go along your coffee. Priced at INR 165
  8. Salted caramel chocolate Log – A chocolate log shaped cake priced at INR 176
  9. Strawberry White chocolate temptation cake – A perfect for a sponge cake with chocolate and strawberry lover. Priced at INR 195


Costa Coffee is a perfect place for all the coffee lovers and for the people who really want to spend time sitting and sipping their favourite beverages and having the bites of the different unique tastes. So next time you want to go out  and relax or don’t want to keep doing window shopping the entire day, just walk-in in any of the Costa Coffee outlets and they will make you feel special!


Happy Cooking!

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