L’Opéra launches a heart-shaped Choco-Berry Valentine’s Day Cake

L’Opéra, being the first authentic French Pastry and Bakery enterprise in India with 12 outlets across, launches a special Choco-Berry d’Amour Cake this Valentine’s Day. Valentine cake from L'opera Image 3

Make your valentine feel extra special with this lovely airy milk chocolate with strawberry mousse enveloping lychee and berry jelly over a pistachio base, which balances the entire cake with a nutty flavour. The Executive Chef Cédric Houzé claims this to be sounding more romantic. 

Together with the innovative combination of flavour, L’Opéra gave it a heart shape. “It is the season for strawberries,” gladly announces L’Opéra’s Executive Chef Cédric Houzé. “And, just like love, they are sweet, enchanting and invigorating,” he goes on.

As shared by Laurent Samandari, Co-Founder and Managing Director of L’Opéra, “L’Opéra is after all the brainchild of the love and passion of my family and myself for French culinary culture.”

Available at All- L’Opéra outlets, just get hold of it for your loved ones!

Happy Cooking!

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