Get Healthier with USA Pears

Health is what matters the most to be happy. And to maintain a good health, you need to make sure that you eat healthy food. One of the major suggestions by doctors and being followed by health freaks is to have lots of fruits. Pears, one of the famous fruits is not only a snack or fruit but is full of health benefits. With a good amount of fibre along with a lot of Vitamin C, pears are loved by all age groups.


A medium-sized pear completes 24% of daily required fibre for 100 calories. “USA Pears” claims to be sodium-free, cholesterol-free and contain 190 mg of potassium.

Kitchen Pops was glad to get a hamper from USA Pears with both the varieties of pears. Along with the pears, came a pear slicer and a note which educates us to judge when is the right time for a pear to be called a ripe pear. The two varieties we received were:

  • Green Anjou – these are egg-shaped with bright green color and at times have some red color blush.
  • Red Anjou – these pears are generally dark maroon in color.IMG_2656

If we compare both, Green Anjou is more juice and soft as compared to a totally sweet taste of Red Anjou.

Happy Cooking!

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