The Nutty Way!

We always take nature for granted and opt for unhealthy options to fill our appetite. It’s easy to lay our fingers on biscuits or chips to gratify hunger pangs. And, there is always an excuse for not having nuts in its raw form. How about noting down some nutty facts?


  • Cashews carry zinc and iron, which helps in lowering the risk of anemia and strengthens the immunity system. You can also savour it with fresh juice that will help the iron absorb into your body.
  • Almonds hold fibers that help in weight loss with the correct diet plan as it curbs your craving. It sustains blood sugar and is an effective antioxidant. Almonds contain good amount of calcium that help in strengthening the bones of our body.chestnutsedited
  • Chestnuts have less calories until it’s boiled; the calories rise up instantly. Unlike other nuts, it has less fats, and it holds a good amount of vitamin C. It is suitable to have them in its raw form.
  • To have healthy skin and hair, you must consume a handful of hazelnuts everyday. It is lower in cholesterol and contains vitamin B and E.
  • Macadamia nuts, mostly found in Australia are tasty, but contain highly concentrated fats. A kind of aphrodisiacs that helps in producing sex hormones. This can definitely spice up a romantic evening with a glass of wine.
  • Brazil nuts are rich in selenium, which protects you from cancer. Their nutritional value is compared with an egg. It’s an antidote for allergies and inflammations. And an effective remedy for PMS.
  • Walnuts prevents from cellular damage, which can cause premature ageing. And a good substitute for vegetarians instead of fish for getting Omega-3.Walnuts are good for pain relief. So no need to rely on painkillers that can lead to severe health issues in future.
  • Pine nuts are excellent for heart. These nuts contain high amount of protein and fats with magnesium and potassium, which overcomes high blood pressure, improves blood flow in your body and prevents you from various heart diseases.
  • Did you know that peanuts are not actually from nut family; it’s a seed like beans. Whereas, a coconut is quite similar to other types of nuts. Peanuts contain high protein and fats found in coconut is a boon for weight loss seekers.Mixed Nuts

Cashews, almonds, walnuts, brazilian nuts or pecans; these nuts carry high amount of protein.They are healthy options, but that doesn’t given us license to binge on it.Too much consumption can lead to serious health issues as it contains fat and cholestrol.In contrary, nuts like almonds and walnuts have averse effects on bad cholestrol.Nuts carry good fats (unsaturated) and fibre.There is a old saying, ‘Too much of anything is not good for nothing.’ The water content in nuts is less, so make sure you don’t end up storing more calories.

The  only question is how would you incorporate nuts in your daily meals?

Just to make things easier to create a dish that not only is healthy, but tasty.

Kitchen Pops has some cool ideas to make sure you have a regular intake of these small wonders that can do miracles to your health.

Let us divide our day into four parts:

  1.  Start your day with flavoured yoghurt topped with nuts of your choice or have almonds (keep it overnight soaked in water).
  2.  For lunch, sprinkle various crushed nuts into your veggies.
  3.  Carry a small tiffin with choice of nuts and some crushed chocolates (preferably with 80% cocoa).This is the best snack to have during tea time.
  4.  Last treat of the day—crushed peanut salad (check below for the recipe)

 Crushed peanut salad


  • Peanuts
  • Sprouts
  • Bell pepper
  • Cucumbers
  • Lemon
  • Pepper
  • Salt


Combine finely chopped bell peppers and cucumber, crushed peanuts and sprouts. Add salt and pepper according to your taste buds. Squeeze some lemon over it. Ta-da salad is ready.

Stay healthy and enjoy cooking.


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  1. Heidie Makes says:

    Great post!:-)


    1. kitchenpops1 says:

      Thanks Heidie for appreciation… Following you back on your blog 🙂


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