Kitchen Pops lip locks with Cafe Coffee Day!

“It’s true, A lot has happened over a coffee” 

???????????????????????????????The love season with hearts meeting each other inspired Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) to come up with the innovative concept of special Lip Lock Menu this Valentine’s Day. Attractive decorations, yummy menu options and music to touch your meeting hearts is what Cafe Coffee Day kept for their coffee lovers this season.

Cafe Coffee Day, the oldest and the favorite coffee chain, we all must have visited at least once in our lives and must have fallen in love with their coffee, their ambience and their color schemes. With more than 1600 outlets in India, CCD came with their first outlet on July 11, 1996 and today they have around 1 outlet in every locality of cities like Delhi and Mumbai.

IMG_20150206_153133315 (FILEminimizer)

The Ambience was made special with their Lip Lock Menu  with heart shaped cut-out hangings and romantic music to go best with their theme of red and purple colour. The tables had the special Lip lock Menu in place to make them aware of the special occasion and to offer them with special dishes by CCD. Famous for being one of the best coffee shops, and being the best place for meetings is also the place for couples to spend time together. Hygiene is taken good care by maintaining the quality and cleanliness of the cutlery as well as the food.

Dark Passion
Dark Passion

Going by the famous saying that the way to one’s heart is through their stomach, Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) brings their special Lip Lock Menu for the Valentine’s week. The menu consisted of their popular and special offerings like:

  • Sizzle Dizzle Brownie – savour the passionate affair between fire and ice as hot chocolate brownie meets vanilla ice cream on a bed of chocolate sauce.
  • Dark Passion – indulge in the tantalizing romance between chocolate ice cream and brownie, dripping in chocolate sauce.
  • Choc Hola –Show her she’s royalty with a dessert meant for queens – rich chocolate cake served with frosty vanilla ice-cream, pampered with chocolate sauce and sprinkled with almond flakes.
  • Choco Frappe – Stir up the romance of rich cold coffee and ice-cream with a chocolate touch.
  • Devil’s Own – Experience the dark fantasy of cafe Frappe loaded with chocolate and whipped cream. The devil of all temptation.
  • Crunchy Frappe – Bite your way through oreos before you are swept off your feet by this creamy chocolate extravagance.

    Crunchy Frappe

The coffee chain also came up with a special contest where the 50 customers were given a chance to win CCD’s coffee for an entire year, which can be availed at all the CCD cafes across the city. The contest lasted for the whole Valentine’s week, i.e. from 6th Feb – 15th Feb 2015. The contest was where the consumers were required to complete “I love to lip lock with CCD because….” and submit them with their unique codes of bills from Cafe Coffee Day (CCD).

The coffee and the brownies of the special Valentine menu were with a pinch of extra passion to them and were served to make you fall in love with it along with your loved ones. And the best part is, these products are still in their menu and can be enjoyed even after then Valentine’s week got over. So what are you waiting for… remember, “a lot can happen over a GOOD coffee!”

Happy Cooking!

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