Bueno – Great place to order food online!

With the changing times and the changing trends, why not have the delicious meals at your doorstep!1

Delivered sizzling hot in a hygienic packaging, Beuno makes sure to serve you with the best gourmet food at your comfort homes and offices, with the click of your mouse. Bueno, is a global food hub that today delivers  these fresh meals in Delhi and NCR. They have a huge variety of more than 400 options in their menu, to entitle the user order from. With the categories majorly divided into veg and non veg, they offer the variety in the following cuisines:

  • American
  • Asian2
  • European,
  • Indian
  • Middle Eastern
  • Mexican

The fresh & delicious food delivers within the notice of just 24 hours by an online order is what Beuno boasts.  Together with this, they also offer the express delivery within an hour’s period, offering selective dishes. The express delivery system is currently available in the selected areas of Gurgaon and can be ordered from Bueno.kitchen/xprs.

Kitchen Pops was delighted to get the opportunity to order and review food from their menu. We went ahead and selected the following dishes:

  • Pita Bread with Hummus (priced at INR 170): 8 pie pieces of Pita bread served along with a portion of hummus, packed beautifully in a semi transparent container which was marked with “Bueno”. Personally, we think that the amount of hummus served with the 8 pieces was quite less and also the hummus could have tasted better. It was more towards a dry hummus rather than a freshly made hummus paste.

    Pita Bread with Hummus
    Pita Bread with Hummus
  • Mexican Rice (Veg) with Paprika Yoghurt (priced at INR 210): A good portion which can serve 2. Mexican rice tasted yummy with a spicy flavor and some veggies. It had the paprika yoghurt which was fresh. The combination was just perfect and was a relished meal.
  • Thai Green Curry (Veg) with Steamed Rice (priced at INR 260): A perfect portion with a flawless flavor of green curry. The steamed rice again were steaming hot. The green curry had a lot of veggies along with the superb color, while the rice is something that they can improve on the quality.
  • Penne Arrabiata (Veg) (priced at INR 199): A perfect hot dish which you can have anywhere anytime! Tempting looks with delicious flavor, with lots of veggies and a flawless sauce, is what this dish can be summed up as. Loved this one and planning to order it again.
  • Smoked Vegetable Sandwich (cold) (priced at INR 125): A little disappointed with the serving size as when you opt for the sandwich, you need to order something else as well, in case you are looking to fill your appetite. To talk about the taste, it was pretty fine, but could have tasted better if served grilled.
  • Paneer Bhurji Wrap (priced at INR 125): Reminds you of the traditional flavors of the wraps and Frankies, paneer bhurji wrap entitles you to have a quick bite. A perfect blend of paneer and the masalas, this wrap is for the chat-pata food lovers.1
  • Chocolate Chip Muffin (priced at INR 60): When it comes to having desserts with Bueno, we opted for the chocolate muffin which had a good flavor of chocolate chips into it. The freshness of the muffin seemed to be a bit to be worried as it had a foul smell when heated.
  • Chocolate Brownie (priced at INR 70): We would prefer the brownie over the muffin as this was much fresher and was having the appropriate taste of the brownie. Good taste and freshness intact, the brownie was loved!

Overall, Bueno is a good option to choose from, if you are planning to order food and want it delivered at your doorstep. With a wide variety of options to choose from, be it for an individual or for a party planned, Bueno is there for you! Check out the details at: http://www.bueno.kitchen.FullSizeRender_1

Our recommendations:

  • Mexican Rice (Veg) with Paprika Yoghurt
  • Penne Arabiata (Veg)
  • Paneer Bhurji Wrap
  • Chocolate Brownie


Happy Cooking!

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