Let’s Bake some Potato Chips!

Fried food is irresistible and having it without gaining weight is everybody’s dream; well mine is too! We always have to think a lot before consuming anything oily. Here is an amazing way to have much loved chips without frying it! Yes, I am not lying. Let’s follow this recipe given below and fill our pleasure of having fried chips which won’t be fried!w

  1. Peel potatoes if you want, I would suggest you not to peel them as it will give a crunchy texture to your chips. Wash potatoes and parboil them; parboiling is a process where you partially boil potatoes. After parboiling, let them cool down for an hour or refrigerate them.2
  2. When potatoes are cooled, slice them with the help of a slicer for thin potato-slices. While slicing them, put the potato-slices immediately into cold water with a tea-spoon of salt so that slices won’t turn brown. When you are done slicing as much potatoes required, pre-heat oven at 200 degrees for fifteen minutes.
  3. Till oven gets pre-heated, take microwave dish/pan, take a small amount of olive oil for greasing. Place potato slices on microwave dish/pan, a pinch of salt and a teaspoon of black-pepper, paprika and squeeze a little lemon to be added on slices for a tangy taste. Put this microwave plate with potatoes in oven; change the temperature to 180 degrees. Potatoes if thinly sliced, will take 15-20 minutes to bake.
  4. Watch them frequently as they might get burnt. Remove them from the oven and have it with your favorite dips.

3This easy recipe will make your day; you can also surprise your family members and loved ones with these non-trans-fatty chips. Bake these potato-chips and have as much as you can without worrying about weight while watching movies on your weekends. Keep reading our blog for more healthy recipes.

Write-up by Kitchen Pops coordinate: Pratiksha

Happy Cooking!

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