It’s Utterly, Butterly Delicious…

amulAs soon as we mull over any dairy products, Indians always relate to AMUL, The Taste of India. AMUL, also known as Anand Milk Union Limited is a company in India which was established more than six decades ago. The Amul Butter Girl was created as a response to its rival brand Polson Butter Girl. Utterly, Butterly delicious; tag for Amul Butter Girl was introduced in the year 1967 by Sylvester Da Cunha of ASP (Advertising, Sale and Promotion) agency with his art director Eustace Fernandez.  Chairman of Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation Ltd (GCMMF) Dr Varghese Kurian; the Milkman of India always wanted a comic strip which would be effortlessly painted because commercial concepts kept changing frequently. He also wanted a mascot, which was easy to understand as a brand icon.

polsonAmul girl was a huge success with round eyes, chubby cheeks and a slice of bread in a hand with Amul butter spread on it. As a kid, we grew up watching this cute Amul girl with a white dress and polka dots on her frock. This adorable looking girl with an apple haircut and a half pony tail on the top looked innocent as a child. Whenever we ruminate about early morning start up, we think about our breakfast which mostly consists of Amul butter, milk or cheese. The Amul butter girl started as a mascot, but as years passed, the ad agency portrayed the stories of current events in a humorous manner. Advertising agency never lets this product down, they came up with topical caricatures and social issues in an entertaining mode. We have grown up by consuming this product, passed on from generation to generation; we still relate to this amazing taste. Amul being manufactured in India, people relate to this as it cannot be replaced by any other brand. Amul is available in affordable prizes with a good taste.

So many years have passed, we have also come across various products, but still we prefer Amul. The taste, texture and also the utterly, butterly delicious girl has not been substituted by any product till now. We would still love to earn my bread and butter when it comes to Amul.rr

Write-up by Kitchen Pops coordinate: Pratiksha Mestry

Happy Cooking!

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  1. That was one fun post ! 🙂
    Look forward for more :))

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