The Rainbow dimsum & sushi with Nom Nom, The Ashok

Rainbow Dim sums

An experience in itself was a visit to Nom Nom, Hotel Ashok, Chanakyapuri, Delhi. On a Sunday afternoon the restaurant was pretty occupied and the light instrumentals clubbed with the dim lighting played a major role in relaxing the guests over the yummy Chinese delicacies.

The Delhi’s most favorite Pan Asian restaurant invited us to join them in their Rainbow Dim Sum & Sushi festival. The festival was all about the colorful dishes which were prepared with the help of natural vegetable colors to give it a rainbow look.

91Greeted well by the manager, we were made to sit and relax on a round table, 3 stairs up from the ground level. The sitting arrangement were to make you feel comfortable and gives a clear view of their open kitchen where the sushis are prepared.

We started our delicious Chinese food journey with the Vegetarian Dim Sums:

  • Shimizi, Cheddar, Spinach Skin :- This was a green colored delightful dim sum with the stuffing of cheddar cheese and shimizi. The color was so attractive and innovative for a dim sum.
  • Crystal Veg Dumpling: – Being one of the all time favorites for the Chinese lovers, this crystal veg dim sum was much different & yummy.
  • Leeks, Coriander, Beetroot Skin: – To give another color to the dim sums, this was a reddish colored dim sum which was prepared by using the beet-root juice and was stuffed with leeks and coriander.
  • Chives and Mushroom dim sum: – One of our favorites was the chives and the mushroom dim sum was the combination was unique and tasted delicious!
  • Water Chestnut and Pokchoy dim sum: – Water chestnuts are the majorly and abundantly used ingredient in the Chinese cuisine. And having a dim sum with water chestnut along with pokchoy was again a unique combination to try
  • Cheese and corn dim sum: – Corns being our personal favorite and that too clubbed with the melting cheese, this dim sum is a MUST TRY! With the sweetness of corns and the cheesy effect is what makes it stand out.5

To talk about the Sushi rolls, we tried Veg Rainbow Sushi platter. Sushi’s are the vinegar rice rolls with seaweed sheets with selective stuffings like avocado, tomato, cucumber, daikon radish and cream cheese.

After a delightful experience with all the colorful dim sums and sushis, we were served with our main course.

  1. Tofu snow peas in Black Bean Sauce: – Tofu being the healthy and yummy Chinese ingredient, it was innovatively clubbed with the snow peas in one of the best black bean sauce. The preparation was just the perfect to try it with either the fried rice or the noodles.
  2. Stir fried vegetables – assortment of asparagus, broccoli, zucchini, baby corns, mushroom, pockchoy and snow peas. : – All the exotic vegetables mixed together and served in the best possible manner and flavor was how we can summerize this dish as. A perfect one for the veggie + chinese lover.22
  3. Spinach fried rice: – The innovation counts and that is what was visible from these spinach fried rice. The rice was made with the spinach in them to give them a totally different, colorful and healthy flavor. The shredded spinach added a wonderful green color to the rice which was unique!
  4. Coriander garlic noodles: – Again the colors were added to the dish with the use of coriander, making it give a light green colored dish. The general garlic noodles were now the unique coriander colored garlic noodles.

To go along with our wonderful food journey, we were offered the following mocktails:11

  • Orange, Virgin Mojito: – Bored with the general min mojito, something refreshing was this orange flavored mojito with a twist. A perfect drink on a summer afternoon to pep-up yourself.
  • Kokum cooler: – Kokum being one of the rare ingredients in drinks, this was an amazing maroon colored cooling mocktail.
  • Leave it to me: – The name itself proves that it is something that will be loved by all and is innovative. The ginger ale mixed with the secret flavors was the idea to make you feel special.
  • Green Magic: – To complete the rainbow colors of the drinks, with the previous serving of orange, red, maroon and yellow, this was kiwi flavored green mocktail.

The appetizing meal is said to be incomplete without the chocolicious desserts. For the sweet tooth, we were offered:

  1. Molten Chocolate Fresh Fruit Couli: – Decorated and served in a delightful manner, it seemed to be an inverted chocolate cake, but the moment you put your spoon in it, the molten lava starts flowing out. Served along with the fresh fruits, it was a perfect chocolate dessert.90
  2. Tiramisu: – The flavors of coffee and chocolate blended to form an amazing dessert is what a tiramisu is.

We were really impressed with both the desserts and couldn’t hold ourselves till the very last bits of both of them.

Our recommendations for Must – Try:FullSizeRender_3

  • Shimizi, Cheddar, Spinach Skin
  • Cheese and corn dim sum
  • Tofu snow peas in Black Bean Sauce
  • Coriander garlic noodles
  • Molten Chocolate Fresh Fruit Couli
  • Orange, Virgin Mojito
  • Leave it to me mocktail

Ambience: 7/10

Food: 8/10

Hospitality: 7/10

Pricing: 7/10

To give you the review of the place overall, it is a lovely place to visit with your loved one aver a lunch or a dinner. A place serving you the unique flavours of Chinese cuisine, Nom Nom, The Ashok, Delhi proves it to be one of the best places to dine in.

Happy Cooking!

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