8 Least Favourite Healthy Fruits

Nature has given us innumerable types of fruits to eat and enjoy. Fruits are liked by all types of people across the globe irrespective of culture, tradition and age. Down the ages, millions of researchers have invested their time and energy to analyse and reveal nutritional values of different kinds of fruits. Fruits are not alike- these amazing gifts of nature are differentiated on the basis of their juiciness, and existence of carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and many other ingredients. Again, in different geographical condition different types of fruits are grown, depending on the weather condition and nature of soil.

People across the globe nowadays are fortunate enough to taste almost all types of favourite and least favourite fruits grown anywhere in the world. There are some fruits like apple, orange, banana and grapes, etc. extremely popular in every country. On the other hand, there are few least favourite fruits available in the market, but consumed in limited quantity due to some reasons or other. Let’s look at the 8 least favourite fruits-


Durian: This abundantly growing fruit is native to South East Asia. Though the nutritional value of the fruit is very high, its spiky look, uneven shape and intense odour have made this fruit least popular among fruit loving people across the globe.

Pomegranate: This fruit is grown in many countries in Asia, Europe and North America. Its food value is known to human since history unknown; still the fruit is one of the least favourite to mainly high content of seeds and tart like taste when eaten raw.

Jackfruit: It grows abundantly in South and South East Asia. Though it tastes very nice, most people can’t tolerate its distinctive strong aroma and fleshy texture.


Apricot: This super fruit is popular as dry fruit, mostly grown in Mediterranean climates. The fruit is less popular due to its higher price, and unusually sweet yet bitter taste.

Papaya: Papaya has many health benefits, yet people prefer it less due to three reasons collecting a perfect ripened papaya is too tough, once bought it needs to eat up at the earliest possible time, and many people grow a kind of allergy called latex-fruit allergy.

Plum: This fruit comes in different colours like orange, green and red, etc. Tastes also vary from sweet to tart. The fruit is not so popular among fruit lovers.


Fig: This bell-shaped fruit is also called anjeer in Asia. Mostly grown in Asia Minor, this fruit is not so favourite due to less availability, less juiciness and too much sweetness.

Dates: Dates has many nutritional benefits and in the dry form dates are available everywhere. This dry fruit is least consumed as its take pretty long time to digest and high sugar content.

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