Review: The perfect place Zingo Star

A perfect place for the fun loving foodies, who just love to chill and groove with the music and have the lovely ‘piping hot’ chicken wings or veggie starters!

Interior-Zingo StarServing the high quality food with their in-house innovated hot chili sauces and with cooling cocktails is what Zingo Star expertises in. With a perfect ambience with graffiti on the walls and so ideal furniture, it gives you the comfort to be at the best places to have brilliant time spent. Their special hot chicken wings act as a cherry on the cake to make your experience memorable. Brainchild of Sohrab Sitaram and Raghav Kapoor, Zingo Star located in M Block Market; Greater Kailash-2 is in the heart of the place with easy reach. Well taken care by their head Chef Shushant, Zingo is a place for the food lovers.

With the warm smiling welcome, we were seated at the so different seating arrangement and were explained about each and every specialty of Zingo Star. Impressed with the well explained innovatively done menu, we decided to go with Chef Shushant’s recommendations. Thus we were served with the Veggie ‘The Super Snacker Sampler’ along with ‘Veggie SuperCool Slider Sampler’ which were too good and left us delighted. We went for Amrood Chat and Berries Ahoy milk shakes to go along with the food. The Snacks and the mini burgers (sliders) were so different and were well decorated and was a perfect match with fruity drinks. Super Snacker Sampler had crispy Onion rings, French fries, fried mushrooms and mozzarella sticks served with Thousand Island dressing. While the Sliders were like mini burgers, they were served in in-house produced Pavs instead of burger buns.FullSizeRender_2

Styles are redefined at Zingo Star with the use of Special Big Bells on the table to call the stewards in such loud music and also with the oil spill bottle for the olive oil. The in-house chilly sauces are just HOT to go with any of their lip smacking dishes. We tried there Honey Barbeque which is a traditional barbeque sauce, chipotle barbeque sauce, hot BBQ, ass blaster and 100% pain and fell in love with them. The staff is very courteous and are active to serve you with your best choices. So just enter the world of perfect food to go with the well managed ambience for your next outing!

Happy Cooking!

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