The Chinese New Year Celebrations At Noodle Bar

San Tung Noodles, Mongolian Vegetables Hotpot, Vegetable Bon Bon Rice  and •Spinach Dumplings
San Tung Noodles, Mongolian Vegetables Hotpot, Vegetable Bon Bon Rice and  Spinach Dumplings

Located at one of the most famous markets in Mumbai, Noodle Bar is a perfect place for a Chinese lover. Situated at High Street Phoenix, Lower Parel, Mumbai; Noodle Bar claims to be one of the best restaurants to give you the experience you will remember forever. With the courteous and polite staff, the place is a perfect for family dinners as well as outings with friends. The ambiance is soothing and appropriate for a place like this, but the hygiene can be worked even better to make it more loved.

Spiced Water Chestnuts
Spiced Water Chestnuts

With the touch of professionalism in their service, the restaurant has a wonderful presentation of their dishes and they keep a proper check for the food quality and taste. The taste of their dishes is apt for a Chinese lover. Kitchen Pops have been invited to taste their food on the special festival time of Chinese New Year.

With the experience from Dubai, shifted to Mumbai in 2008, Chef Kamal is an experienced player who is handling the 2 branches of Noodle Bar in Mumbai with his expertise. He makes sure that every guest is given full attention and is given the best of the experiences in Noodle Bar to make it a memory for him and to encourage him to visit again. The dishes are served with love and smiles of their polite staff and are made sure that it’s loved by the guests.

We started our tasting with their Chinese special starters customised for the Chinese new year celebrations, Five Spiced Water Chestnuts (INR 275), it was a wonderfully done spicy and tasty dish with lots of vegatables to set your taste buds on fire;

Cheesy Corn Cups
Cheesy Corn Cups

Cheesy Corn Cups (INR 295), these were the innovative corn cups which can be named as one of the amazing starter with a pleasing appearance which just melts in your mouth; and Tai Ching Cottage Cheese (INR 325) these were the paneer tikka made in a Chinese flavour, and were definitely enjoyable and succulent pieces that are catered for Indian taste.

After tasting their specially done starters, we were served with Lemon Pepper Coriander Soup (INR 295). It was a hot soup and was not really the same lemon coriander soup. The flavor of Chinese spices was added to it to make it refreshing.  

After the lovely starters and soup, we were presented with their signature Main course dishes:

  • Spinach Dumplings (INR 325) – The presentation itself was so tempting to make us indulge in the taste as soon as we could have. The dumplings were created with the flavor that they could have also been released without any accompaniments.
  • Mongolian Vegetables Hotpot (INR 325) – A dish with the typical Chinese flavor of sweet and sour. It has the great Chinese noodles served with the vegetables.
  • San Tung Noodles (INR 295) – A dish with a tangy taste piping hot noodles served with the spring onions. We would claim this one to be a must try dish for the noodle lovers.
  • Vegetable Bon Bon Rice (INR 275) – Noodle Bar brings this as the safe and secure option for the guests who love the typical Chinese flavors in their meals. A sure-shot favorite for the kids too.

Noodle Bar is a perfect place for those who love Chinese cuisine and would love to spend a family time ordering from their special Chinese New Year Menu. Priced moderately, we are sure that the place won’t dig a deep hole in your pocket but will definitely leave your taste buds satisfied!

Happy Cooking!

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