Let’s have a quick bite with Pita Pit

Veg Falafel Pita Sandwich

When you feel hungry and are short of time, pick a Pita Pit’s yummy sandwich… it’s a perfect combination of a pita bread sandwich with a multiple options of the stuffing. With a wide variety of options for Vegetarians as well as Non-vegetarians, Pita Pit offers a totally different concept which can be said as a fusion of rolls and sandwiches.

FullSizeRender_1Kitchen Pops have been invited to do a tasting and review for Pita Pit to which we were delighted and opted for their Cyber hub, Gurgaon outlet. We were offered Veg Falafel Petita of 6’’ as it is one of their best selling Pita Sandwiches, along with the hummus dip. If you are a lover of a sandwich which is not too saucy and you love the chickpea falafels, this one is for you. But in case you love the saucy and a little greasy ones, we suggest you tell them in advance to add some extra sauce to the same.

We were then suggested to try Garden as well as Baked Potato Pita Sandwiches as we are the lovers of saucy ones. Garden was the best as it was full of veggies and was healthy as well… Baked Potato again was a different Pita sandwich with basil and lemon spiced potato filling inside. Good to go with these pita sandwiches is a coke or any other soft drink of your choice.

Pita Pit is a perfect place for a quick meal with your friends and family.

Happy Cooking!

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